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Children Bible Stories

Everyone loves a story, so what better place to start than children Bible stories when teaching kids about God?  God reveals Himself through His Word so that we may know Him.  The lives of Bible characters help us understand God's character and ways and also help us recognize ourselves through their stories.

We have included originally written Bible stories to share in one Seamless Bible story overview, other familiar children Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments and a few you may have never heard of before!  We are always adding new and connecting creative Bible lessons for kids to each; so keep checking back!

God's Story of His Promise - One Seamless Story

These free Children Bible stories are written to help kids understand the overall story of God's Promise in the Bible.  Each is originally written paraphrased straight from God's Word in a language for children of any age to understand.

Each includes free Bible story lessons with activities, review questions and more to help children know God better and understand His promise of the Savior, His Son Jesus Christ.

It all started with God; He is the beginning and He had a plan to provide a promise.  This one page story of The Promise is a great way to introduce the Bible and give an overview of its overall story.

Lifeway's Gospel Project provides an excellent short Bible story video that give an overview of the whole Bible story and how we can teach kids how they connect into one story...His Story:

When you stop to think about the most well known Bible stories of the Old Testament, you will realize most of them actually come from the first book of the Bible - Genesis!  Genesis means "beginning"; so here we will discover God's plan even from the beginning to fix all that man and sin would mess up. 

The Beginning: 

The Story of Creation is based on Genesis 1-2.  It tells of both God's creativity as well as organization.  Everything God created was good.

The Story of Adam & Eve shows God's plan for relationship by creating man and woman in His image.  Because of this they were not created as puppets, but created with Free Will...the ability to reason and choose.

Then came The Fall.  There are always consequences of bad choices.  Even in this story of failure though, we see a glimpse of God's promise to fix it all Himself.

Most of us probably think of the Story of The Flood as a picture of God's punishment on mankind, but really it was another chance given by a loving God and a picture of Jesus.

This is a work in progress...keep checking back with us!

Simpler Bible Stories

"TRUE STORY" is a collection of brief Bible stories written by Gary and Evelyn Harthcock that they used for conversational English classes in their work in Southeast Asia.  These have also been used by many missionaries to share God's Word around the world.  Printable illustrations have been added by Debbie Corley, an ESL volunteer from Ruston, LA.

Their simplicity make them perfect to also be used as children Bible stories.  In addition, they include definitions for understanding the more difficult words.

89 Old Testament Bible Stories

44 New Testament Bible Stories

Other Well Known Children Bible Stories with Lessons

Noah - Series of 5 Preschool Bible lessons on Noah    (KidsSundaySchool)

Abraham - God Calls Abraham & Sarah (Ashbourne Elim Church)

Abraham & Hagar - Two Stories of Trusting God (Francine Rivers/Shannon Rivers Coibion)

Isaac- God Wants Us to Trust Him (Cloversites)

Jacob - Jacob Renamed Israel  (SundaySchoolCenter)

Joseph   -Tons of Resources for Story of Joseph     (

David - Shepherd Boy Becomes King - "I am Chosen"      (CreativeBibleStudy)

David & Goliath - "Five Smooth Stones"   (SeattleSundaySchool)

Esther - Orphan to Queen (CreativeBibleStudy)

Daniel - Lessons from the Book of Daniel for 8-11 yr olds  (Ellen McHenry)

Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego - The Three Faithful Men  (DLTK)  

Elijah & the Prophets of Baal - The Contest (MissionBibleClass)

*Mission Bible Class offers over 150 children Bible stories with lesson plans and activities for each.  This is a great free resource!

Bible Stories You May Not Even Have Heard!

In reality, television and movies have nothing on the Bible when it comes to interesting stories!  Capture kids' attention with Bible stories about:

A Bible lesson for kids about speaking good

A Lesson on Listening to God

Ehud: the Left-handed Super Hero  

God Helps Us Make Wise Choices

Elisha & the Invisible Army of God

God's Invisible Power (Science lesson)

The Prayer of Jabez   

When teaching any type of Bible story, sensational or well-known, may we always make sure to point out what it teaches us about God.  Children Bible stories should always go beyond just "another" story to point to His Story that lives may be changed by our King Jesus!

Spanish & English Children Bible Stories With Lessons

Calvary Curriculum offers 325 Children Bible lessons from both the Old Testament & New Testament and also offered in both English and Spanish!  I know I have missionary friends that are always looking for free quality Spanish kids Bible lessons!

Bible Story Videos

Now with Internet there are Bible story videos at our fingertips and so many are free!

The Beginner's Bible offers many children Bible stories on their Youtube channel.  Here is a trailer that introduces them:

Superbook also offers full-length Bible story videos free!  Both Superbook & The Beginner's Bible offer free Bible Story Apps also that can be downloaded on your phone or Ipad. 

Children Bible Stories to Purchase

Begin with the basics especially with younger children and those that may not have any church background and new to the Bible itself.  Make sure to clarify the accuracy and validity of the Bible; it is NOT just another storybook!

There are many children's Bibles now available for any age child and written in language so that kids are able to both read and understand God's Word.  Check these out at -

Children's Bibles

One of my favorites that was released in the past few years is

708257: The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
By Sally Lloyd-Jones

It presents the Bible as one story...the story of Jesus; it proclaims, "Every story whispers His name."  Zondervan also offers a complete Children's Bible curriculum based upon this little Bible storybook. 

No matter which Bible you may use, the following kids Bible lessons &ideas will help you draw out truths that are applicable to life and growing closer to God. 

More free Bible lessons for Kids!

Preschool Bible Lessons!

Children's Bible Lessons to Purchase

If you need further ideas for kids Bible lessons, we are an affiliate for, and they have a wonderful selection of books that may be purchased at great prices: Childrens Bible Lessons

9780X: Super Simple Bible Lessons - Older Children Edition Super Simple Bible Lessons - Older Children Edition
By Abingdon Press

Have you ever needed a Bible lesson quickly? This resource solves your problem. Super Simple Bible Lessons contains sixty Bible lessons covering both the Old and New Testament. Each lesson includes a story, a Bible verse, and a super simple craft activity that will reinforce the story. Each craft activity is reproducible. Make as many copies as you need for your class of two or twenty. An easy-to-use index helps you locate specific stories for the children.

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