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Free Bible Lessons for Adults

These free Bible lessons for adults contain a variety of subjects; so whether you are a seasoned Bible study teacher or just beginning learning to study the Bible, we hope you find something that will help you dig into God's Word.  We want to save you the time of looking and collect some of the best and most creative lessons and Bible study resources on the web into one location for you.

Bible studies are more detailed than Bible devotions and may focus on a single book of the Bible or may be topical in nature (ex: marriage or angels). As you browse through the various free Bible lessons for adults below, ask God's Holy Spirit to guide you.

As Christians, the Bible, along with God's Holy Spirit, is to be our guide for life. Daily we need to search God's truth for how to live, as well as how to become more and more like Christ. God's Word is "living and active." 

Hebrews 4:12 declares -

"For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart."  NASB

2 Timothy 3:16-17 goes on to say -

"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." NASB

With words like "living", "active", "inspired", "profitable"... the Bible is anything but boring!  It is the only book that can actively cause change in our lives!

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed studying your Bible? Or has your class started yawning as they open up God's Word? Too many times we have in our mind that studying the Bible has to be boring (not that any of us would admit that to another Christian!). It's not meant to be though!

We can open His Word and find history lessons, science lessons, archeology lessons, and even math lessons. Most important though...
the Bible teaches valuable life lessons.

Bible Basics - Where to Begin:

Bible Overview & Summary

You may be thinking that you don't even know where to begin.  Well, think about where you begin with any book...the beginning.  Or better yet, I usually look up a summary of the book to help me understand where I'm going.  A Bible summary can help us put the pieces together as we begin to study the Bible.

The Bible is God's love letter to us!  It's not just for studying to obtain knowledge, but it is our guide to knowing Him!  We've put together a selection of some of the best Bible verses by topic on love, fear, most quoted, etc. as a great place to get a sampling of the richness of God's Word!

In beginning to read and study the Bible, try these six simple steps on how to study the Bible.  You may also want to follow a Bible reading plan. that will help you stay consistent and give you direction. There are many Bible study methods that can bring "variety & spice" to your Bible study time as well as Bible study tools to assist you in digging a little deeper.

Bible charts that cover how the books of the Bible are organized and how they fit into the timeline are great helps to go along with any Bible lessons for adults.

Always start with prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Remember - God's Word is living and He wants to speak to you personally. What is it that He's desiring to reveal to you right now?

Bible Translations & Versions

If you have ever walked into a Christian Bookstore, it may have been overwhelming and confusing to see the many choices of Bibles!   There are a few things to consider when looking at the various Bible versions. 

Translation vs. Paraphrase:  One thing is to notice if it is a translation (translated from Bible manuscripts) or if it is a paraphrase (written in a person's own words of how they understand the translation). Needless to say a translation will be worded more accurately, but a paraphrase may help you understand what is being said.  I tend to use both!  I normally study from my New American Standard Bible or Holman Christian Standard Bible, but I also enjoy reading it from The Voice or The Message. 

Bible Gateway is a great online Bible tool where you can sample the wording of most of the versions of the Bible available and compare; this will help you as you choose and begin any Bible lessons for adults.

Readability:  Even among different translations there is a great difference in readability.  Of course many love the poetic language of the King James Version while others prefer the simpler language of the New Living Translation.  Again, compare using Bible Gateway!

Reference Bible/Study Bible:  Some people would call me a Bibleholic; I love to have a variety of Bibles on hand!  When shopping for a Bible, size may make a difference.  If you are wanting something small and easy to carry around, you may want to get a reference Bible.  This will have the Bible text along with references that will help you connect various verses.

There are also many outstanding study Bibles from which to choose.  These of course will be larger because they contain more information like footnotes and study guides.  It may take a little looking to decide which is best for you.

Choosing the right Bible for yourself is important as you embark on this journey; the Bible is your primary text!  All the other Bible study lessons for adults are just to assist you in navigating and understanding God's Word.  The Holy Spirit will be your primary teacher and your Bible your actual textbook.

Bible Study Lesson Methods

Although written for youth leaders, Creative Bible study methods is a great guide to lead you step by step in how to study the Bible for yourself through Book Studies, Verse-by-verse Studies, Topical Studies, Biographical studies and more. It is a 122-page printable study which includes questions, memory verses, background information on the Bible as well as Bible translations. It is a comprehensive guide on "How to Study the Bible!"

Bible Seeker Lessons

Bible Seeker Lessons are short, practical, and designed to help us see and know God through connecting His Word with our everyday surroundings!   He has placed His identifying marks all over our world and lives to point us to Him.  Seeking to understand the Bible is seeking to know Him. 

These short & simple Bible lessons for adults (or any age) begin with a photo of an everyday object that can remind us of God's truth and His presence throughout our day.

If you're seeking to know and understand the Bible and God Himself better, these Bible Seeker snapshot lessons can open your eyes to recognizing God's presence and work in your everyday surroundings. God is near.  One of His names points to this truth - Jehovah Shammah.  Are we recognizing and living in His presence?

These Bible lessons are meant to be hands-on and applicable; so be creative and use your phone to take your own photo to have with you throughout the day or even share Jesus through social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! 

Godprints Devotional Lessons

Our Godprints devotional lessons are basically short, precise Bible studies that inspire, encourage, and help us keep our focus on Jesus even when things get super busy! 

We think of these as Godprints... because our fingerprints identify us, and God has placed His identifying marks all over our world and lives to point us to Him!

These become wonderful spontaneous moments in the midst of our busy day to refocus our attention on God's presence and purpose in our lives and also to activate what we learn as we use everyday objects to remind us of the truths we studied in Scripture.

Free Bible Lessons - Topical

Stewardship Bible Study Lessons - More than Just Money

A friend was asking me about finding some Bible lessons for adults that covered all aspects including stewarding relationships, our gifts & talents, our time, etc. in addition to being a good steward of our financial resources.

Robert A. Linscheid has written these 8 stewardship Bible lessons for the Evangelical Covenant Church.  They include several topics of stewardship along with Biblical references in an easy learning/teaching format.

Bible Study Lesson on Prayer

And don't neglect your prayer life! Prayer and Bible study go hand in hand. Take a look at this free Bible study lesson on prayer which includes creative ideas for enhancing your prayer life along with your family or students!

Walk Through the Old & New Testaments

A wonderful friend of mine and a teacher/writer of Bible lessons for all ages for over 35 years, Jodi Green, asked me to make these free Bible study lessons available to our website users - YOU! 

You may download, print and use all or part personally or with a group for FREE!  Jodi kept all copyrights so that she may offer these at no charge; there is no price she would want to put on someone experiencing God's Word!

If you would prefer a hard copy, Jodi has published these through Amazon at Old Testament 101 and New Testament 101 for the minimum amount she could.

Christian Apologetic Studies

1 Peter 3:15 challenges us: "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"

Find out how you can be prepared to give an answer and glorify our King by studying Christian Apologetics Bible lessons for adults.

Other Online Printable Bible Lessons:

Back-to-the Bible broadcasts offer several free Bible lessons for adults to download and print.  These are Biblically sound Bible study lessons which will help you grow in your faith and walk with Christ.

Other topical Bible lessons for adults can be downloaded & printed too.  These cover topics such as Community, Church, Angels, Social Issues & more.

Printable Lessons for Women

Melanie Newton of Joyful Walk Bible Studies shares twelve different Bible study series that are all free and printable!  She has studies for women new in the faith as well as studies from both Old Testament and New.  Each study also includes a link to a Bible study online version if you prefer not to print.  Melanie shares her reason for making these available at no cost - "Why free? We see the need to get biblical materials into women’s hands as inexpensively as possible so more women can have the opportunity to get into God’s Word."

Again, the 3-question Bible studies by Anne Graham Lotz are free and available to print.

Online Bible Lessons for Adults:

Bible Lessons for Adults by Pastors & Others

Interactive Bible lessons for adults are a great way to actively involve yourself or your students in studying God's Word. We have found several different sources that offer a nice variety.

We have found a wide selection of free Bible study lessons that are printable as well as free online Bible studies. Many of these are by well known authors and pastors such as Max Lucado, Charles Stanley and Adrian Rodgers.  Back-to-the Bible broadcasts offer several free downloadable Bible lessons for adults.  These are Biblical and sound Bible study lessons which will help you grow in your faith and walk with Christ.

Online Women's Bible Studies

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, provides free Bible studies on several books of the Bible including Acts, John, Ephesians and more.  These studies provide Bible study material for several weeks.  Anne also offers shorter devotional type Bible studies that are shorter and can be done in one sitting.

Anne explains here how to study your Bible with a 3-question technique:

Whether you need Bible study material for your Women's Ministry, Sunday school class, Bible study class,or just for your personal use, you'll find interactive Bible lessons for adults written and designed specifically for women by women. Included are free Bible lessons for adults from the Books of Colossians, I Peter, Psalms, James, Ruth as well as others. There are also Bible lessons that cover topics such as building your marriage, women of the Bible who made an impact, and seeking the face of our Savior. These free Bible study lessons vary in format; some are audio lectures, while others are printable Bible studies with leader's guides.

Let variety be the spice of studying Scripture, and let's feast on all that God has for us!

Special note: We do preview the websites to which we link, but are unable to peruse them completely. We try to check others' faith statements and make sure they do profess Jesus Christ as God's Son and salvation is found only in Him. It must, however, be your responsibility to personally dig into God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to be your first and final teacher on all subjects.

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