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Creative Bible Memorization Ideas

Bible memorization is not just for children, but for believers of ALL ages! The author of Psalm 119 declares in verse 11: "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against You." It's doubtful the author was a child at the point he wrote these words by God's inspiration.

*Note - We have included Bible memory verses and activities for children on a separate page.

I am now in my mid fifties  (they're wonderful by the way!), but I am not disciplined at physically exercising although I know I need to be. Physical exercise is not all I need; Bible memorization is an exercise of not only our mind, but our spirit.

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come."  1 Timothy 4:8

As yet another birthday has come around, I realized I better get with it and exercise my ALL! What's the saying..."use it or lose it!"? Well, I'm starting slow, but I'm starting, and this morning the idea hit me to combine all my exercising together.

I hate counting repetitions of exercises because, not only is it boring, but it makes the exercising tedious. Instead of counting, now I say one word of a memory verse for each repetition. Before I was just trying to do ten of each (it's a beginning!); but when I began using verses, I was doing twenty to thirty and not even realizing it! (Well, except for the burning of my muscles.)

4 Simple Suggestions for Bible Memorization

Learn the Reference

When memorizing Scripture, it is imperative that we include learning the Bible reference (ex: 1 Timothy 4:8). The reference is the address of the Bible verse...where to find it.  It comes in handy when you are wanting to share a verse with someone else. It took me ten minutes to find the reference for the above verse for you! I knew the "jist" of it and about where it was in my Bible, but still had to search because I had not put the reference to memory.

Read and learn the context of the verse noticing the "landmarks" which surround it as when following directions to a destination.  No verse should be learned without knowing it's context; this can cause misquoting the Bible even if you can say the correct words but understand the meaning behind it incorrectly.

Be accountable

 It's also good to have a Bible memory partner with whom we can each be accountable. If no one knows I've started a goal, then no one will know when I let it fall by the wayside. Accountability is important in all areas of our lives. God made us a family - a team, so that we can work together and encourage one another in our walks with Him.

God inspired Paul to encourage the church at Colossae with these words from Colossians 3:16: "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God."

Incorporate your senses

Bible memorization takes effort just like physical exercise. It helps when we use as many of our senses as possible. Read it, say it, hear it, write it, visualize it and practice it!

First, read the verse or passage several times emphasizing different words. For example: For God so loved the world..., For God so loved the world..., For God so loved the world, etc. I suggest saying it out loud too. Many of us are auditory learners. One of our sons is and this is how we had him study everything - reading it out loud. Hear it!

Next, write it. How many times did our spelling teacher have us write our words over and over? Yes, she had a reason for doing that; it stimulated our memory. Write the verse several times, and then write some more on index cards or sticky notes; place these in places you see everyday such as on the refrigerator, mirror, on your laptop, etc.

Finally, try to visualize the verse. Create pictures in your mind for key words. For example: For God (picture Him) so loved (a heart) the world (the earth)...etc.


Once we've committed a verse to memory - DON'T QUIT! Review, review, review! Like we said before - "if we don't use it, we'll lose it." As we are faithful to disciplining ourselves in this area of Bible study, God's Holy Spirit will help us.


Need motivation to get started or keep memorizing?  Beth Moore's Scripture memory tutorial video shares many motivations and tips that can help us with Bible memorization -

Bible Memory Verse Packets

If you are unsure of what Scriptures to memorize, try these free printable Bible memory verse cards that can be cut apart and taken with you anywhere.   You can also choose your own verses and make your own memory verse cards!

Free Max Lucado EBook

Join Max Lucado on a four day Bible memorization challenge and receive his free ebook - He Fights For You along with printable Bible memory cards!

Here how Max memorizes Scripture too:

Scripture Songs

Music is another wonderful tool that can enhance Bible memorization. Stephen Altrogge offers a free download of Psalm 30:4-5 Scripture song at his blog - The Blazing Center.

Bible Memory Music also offers free downloads of the whole book of Ephesians in song as well as several selections of Scripture from the books of John and Galatians.

Let's allow the beautiful combination of Scripture and music help you hide God's Word in our hearts.

Bible Memory Software & Apps

Memlok combines colored graphics that correspond to Scriptures, while also offering a review system of over 700 Bible verses covering 48 different topics. It leaves the choice of Bible translation, which verses to learn, and the time in which to learn them all up to you. Find out more about the benefits of Memlok and how to download their free app.

Another memory verse app I use is Fighter Verses; their app costs $2.99.  They also offer these printable memory verse bookmarks free!

Memorizing Scripture is like storing up non-perishable food that we can share with others as the opportunities present themselves.

Face it, we don't stay in the grocery store all day; we purchase food and take it with us. We need to also take God's Word (hidden in our hearts) with us where ever we go.

The Word of God is also our only offensive weapon according to Ephesians 6:10-17.

Have you ever heard of a soldier going out for battle without their weapon? Neither should we!

Not only that, but we also set a living example for our children that says Scripture is important! Let's join together to "hide God's Word in our hearts." Make Bible memorization a part of your everyday activities.

Motivating family members or students to begin including Scripture memorization in their daily lives may be a challenge, but fun, creative ideas of introducing Bible memorization are sure to help you!

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