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Vacation Bible School Lessons

Vacation Bible School lessons can be used any time of the year! As you begin preparing to share Jesus with the hearts of children ages preschool through teens, take a look and compare the various curriculums available:

Vacation Bible School 2021

However, if you are looking for a Bible school curriculum or maybe extra ideas to go along with what you have, take a look at these exciting and FREE ideas including lessons, crafts, games, object lessons, and more to assist you in this very special ministry.

Why Vacation Bible School Lessons matter:

Why is VBS important? It is here that many children come to know Christ. Unchurched families may not attend our churches, but they may send their children to Bible school. According to the Barna Group , "Nearly half (43%) of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching the age of 13 (2004)."

The sad news is that the Barna Group also found that "Another shift in children’s ministry since 1997 has been the 12% decline in the percentage of churches offering Vacation Bible School (or VBS) - from 81% to 69%. That represents about 38,000 fewer churches offering VBS than eight years ago." In response to their question, "Why not offer VBS?" ,pastors' top three reasons were - a lack of teachers, a lack of time, and that they offer "other activities." I fear that another reason could be a lack of funds. If your church does not offer Vacation Bible School, I pray you will be the one God uses to get them to reconsider it. It doesn't have to be huge or expensive to touch the life of at least one child. You may even want to consider having your own Backyard Bible Club!

And if your church does offer VBS, please consider becoming a volunteer!

Whatever the case, we hope the following free Vacation Bible School lessons will assist you in reaching boys and girls with the love of Christ.

Free Themed Vacation Bible School Lessons

"Incredible Me!" - One in a Minion!

One of the greatest difficulties for kids of any age in this world we live is identity.  The world wants to mold and conform, and when we feel like we don't fit the "norm", we feel left out, invaluable, unloved and down right "weird"!  Well...they say fifty is the new thirty... so these lessons point out that "weird" or "different" can be the new cool!  Each of us is unique...a one of a kind...incredible me!

These are four lessons based on Psalm 139:14 - "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" helping students understand that they matter to God!  They can be incredible because of Jesus and for Jesus right here and right now!

  1. "I am Created" - I am incredible because God created me in His image!  Includes Bible verses from Psalm 139, Genesis & John with an object lesson & game!
  2. "I am Chosen" -  I am incredible because God loves me and has made a way for me to choose Him! A salvation focused lesson based on the life of David and how he was chosen but also chose God.
  3. "I am Christ's" - I am incredible because with Jesus I am never alone; He is always with me and makes me a part of God's family!  Based on the story of Ruth and Boaz.
  4. "I am Called" - I am incredible because God has a plan & purpose for my life! This is shown through the life of John the Baptist.  We make Jesus known to others!

Snack Ideas:

Just about anything yellow that a Minion eye can be attached to can become great themed kid snacks!

  • Yellow Cups - Yellow paper or Solo cups can easily become a Minion snack holder filled with popcorn, trail mix, goldfish, etc.!
  • Banana Minions - attach an eye to a banana and cover the bottom with blue felt and "voila" have a fun minion snack!
  • Pudding/Jello Cups - One of my favorite though and probably easiest is attaching Minion eyes to Jello vanilla pudding cups or lemon jello cups! offers great instructions and free printable!

More Themed snack ideas...

"Super Heroes"

Choose out of these seven "Super Hero" Vacation Bible School lessons for a fun Hero themed VBS. They use the familiarity and fun of comic heroes along with truths from God's Word to help kids learn how they can stand firm and be a hero for God!

Most include links to longer more in depth kids Bible study lesson plans to use for classroom such as Sunday School or group lessons.

"Wild West Wisdom" - Vacation Bible sChool Lessons

These Western Vacation Bible School lessons are about David's "outlaw years." It includes Western themed games and activities along with creative, printable "Wanted Posters" that outline the lessons for each day for children to take home with them.

"Kingdom Kids" - Vacation Bible School Lessons

Photo by R. Fera from Pexels

Use this theme to teach children how they can become a child of the King! This series of Bible lessons cover four kings and a queen. Included are themed games and crafts for five days of Bible School fun!

Lesson 1: Queen Esther

Lesson 2: King David

Lesson 3: King Solomon

Lesson 4: King Josiah

Lesson 5: King Jesus

"Fishers of Men"

Use a fishing theme to encourage children not only to be "caught" by Jesus, but also to follow Him in becoming a fisher of men. If you live near a lake or pond, maybe plan an actual time for fishing too!

Lesson 1: Jonah - Caught by a Great Fish
Lesson 2: 12 Disciples Become Fishers of Men  
Lesson 3: Peter - A Great Fisher of Men
Lesson 4: Get Caught by Jesus! (Salvation)
Lesson 5: Tell Your Own Fishing Story (Sample lesson from River's Edge)

Fishing Bible Game
More Fishing Bible Crafts

Photo by Gabriel Peter from Pexels

More Free VBS Themes:

DLTK's site also offers these four great free Bible School plans complete with curriculum and other fun activities:

F.R.O.G. - Fully Rely on God is a five day VBS curriculum that includes Bible lessons on Daniel and David from the Old Testament.

They also have five day VBS lessons dealing with The Fruit of the Spirit, the Parables of Jesus, and a Treasure theme that teaches Jesus is our greatest treasure!

Extras for Your Vacation Bible School


Christian object lessons  are great additions to any lesson or as a quick filler for in-between moments!
Bible Crafts are fun and great carry-home reminders of lessons!
Bible Games can be incorporated to compliment any VBS theme!
Bible Coloring sheets are also great fillers that still keep minds on the lesson being taught or for take-home fun!
Kid Snacks can also become an extension of a lesson and make VBS not only fun, but memorable!

Special note: We do preview the websites to which we link, but are unable to peruse them completely. We try to check others' faith statements and make sure they do profess Jesus Christ as God's Son and salvation is found only in Him. It must, however, be your responsibility to personally dig into God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to be your first and final teacher on all subjects.

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