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Vacation Bible School Benefits

VBS, Vacation Bible School, takes place in churches around the world each year.  It's important.  It impacts lives. It has eternal ramifications. can't happen without volunteers like you and me.

This single children's ministry event has benefits that go far beyond one week of the year both for the attendee and the VBS workers who volunteer their time and efforts. 

5 Reasons to Volunteer for Vacation Bible School:

1.  Evangelism opportunity!

VBS is the greatest annual evangelistic event of a church!

The Baptist Courier reports:

“The whole point of Vacation Bible School is to lead the children, youth and adults who attend to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Bottom line, that’s it,” said Jerry Wooley, VBS specialist at LifeWay Christian Resources.

In 2006, the most recent year’s figures, nearly 3 million people were enrolled in VBS, yielding 212,000 Sunday school prospects for local churches, nearly 40,000 of whom subsequently were enrolled as a result of VBS, Wooley said.

“It is startling to realize that in Vacation Bible School in 2006, we documented 94,980 decisions to accept Christ,” he said. “That is 1.1 decision for every one person trained as a VBS worker by our state conventions. That is phenomenal, when you consider that statistically SBC-wide it takes 44 people to win one person to Christ.”


It goes on to say that 26% of all annual baptisms are a result of this one event that spans only 5 days!   

2.  Connections are made!

On any given Sunday most church attendees pass each other with nothing more than a quick hello unless they are active in a small group.  VBS is a saturated week of serving together in close contact for 3-4 hours of  daily interaction! You may meet your new best friend while serving at VBS!

VBS has always been a key connection time for building relationships with fellow believers that I previously have not had the chance to spend much time with.  These connections and shared experiences through Vacation Bible School week bring unity and strength to the church body.

In addition, VBS provides an opportunity to connect with and brush shoulders with children as well as their parents from your community that may not attend your church, or any church.  Vacation Bible School is an ultimate “meet & greet” outreach opportunity unlike any other!

3.  Impact the next generation!

Do you want purpose in life?  Impact others by sharing Jesus and letting them know they matter!  VBS is the perfect opportunity for this!

Vacation Bible School provides a place to share your faith's expected!  You don't have to beat around the bush for an opening in the conversation.  It provides five days in a row in which you are coming into contact with kids and building relationships by caring, loving, and encouraging them.  This may be a first for many of them who do not have loving adults in their lives.  For one week (and hopefully beyond) you can assure them they matter to God and to others.  This could change the whole dynamics of a family for generations!

4.  It's wise!

Paul tells us in Ephesians 5:15-16 – “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” 

What better way than to use the opportunity of about 15-20 hours for one week to impact young lives for the Kingdom of God?!  What better way could we use our time that week for those hours?  Volunteering and serving in VBS is a very wise decision! 

5.  Glorify God!

“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:31.  This verse is such a great guideline when deciding how we use our time or if something is profitable...does it glorify God? 

I believe VBS is definitely a glory to God shining opportunity!  (Matthew 5:16). Unless there is a reason I am unable - such as job schedule, health, or other unchangeable circumstance, it’s a given that I’m going to serve at VBS.  Do not let Satan fool us into thinking we have nothing to offer or add to this special children's church event.

Serving does not mean you have to teach or be knowledgeable in theology.  Serving can be offering a smile or kind word as you hand a child a cookie; it can be walking a group of children from Bible study to recreation and seeing to their safety.   No job is too small!  They all matter and impact in special ways!

When you can't volunteer for the week - 5 ways to help!

But what if you can’t serve that week of Vacation Bible School?  Maybe you’re going to be out of town or already have obligations or bad health. 

But you can:

  1. Pray!  This is SO important!  Possibly get a list of those that are able to work and pray for God to use them in supernatural ways!  Pray for the kids that will attend and their families!
  2. Encourage - Be a Barnabas to those that are going to work that week through a text, note, or face-to-face encouragement. 
  3. Part-time before or after - Help cut out decorations beforehand, set-up, prepare snacks, register children, etc. Or help with clean up and take down the last day; trust me, those tired volunteers will love a few extra helping hands at the end!
  4. Financial Support - Yes, most churches have budgets for VBS, but those don't always cover the expenses. Find out if this is a need you can help with.
  5. Follow-up notes - Write and send follow up notes or thank you notes to volunteers for your church.  Making that connection after all is said and done helps kids know they still matter and volunteers feel appreciated.  :)

There are so many important needs that surround VBS and each is important!  No small deed or action is too small…it’s all ministry as the Body of Christ works together!  So what part will you fill in your church’s VBS this year?  Let's  prayerfully consider volunteering and make a difference; glorify God!

More about Vacation Bible School and free themes resources.

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