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Inspirational Videos
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Multimedia technology brings resources such as inspirational videos right to our fingertips. We now have access to unlimited resources to bring spiritual growth in our life.

Because we are multisensory beings, videos are able to touch us at a deeper level because they impact both our visual and auditory senses.  Many also incorporate music which impacts on an emotional plane also, and can cause us to remember greater details. 

Sites such as YouTube and GodTube offer wonderful Christian music videos, video Bible lessons and sermons online. There are so many creative Bible study lesson ideas and resources found at the tips of our fingers. 

In a generation of learners entertained daily by multimedia technology, it is almost vital we as Bible study teachers and leaders tap into this valuable resource.  Yes, television, Internet, and other multimedia have had their own detrimental effects on our society; so isn't it time we turned it around and used it for good?

A few of our favorites include:

Are You Amazed?

Laminin - Pastor Louie Giglio

Who Am I?  - Black Light Video

The Skit Guys - "The Birdcage"
an illustration of the price paid for our salvation

Breathtaking Painting by David Garibaldi

Breathtaking Painting Performance - David Garibaldi from yabbadabbadoo on GodTube.

The Names of God

Others Inspirational Videos Include:

Several great Bible teachers and preachers offer Bible lessons and sermons online also. Just a few include:

Max Lucado,
Beth Moore,
Adrian Rogers,
Kay Arthur, and many others!

We have so many opportunities to feed on God's Word!

Note that these should not be a substitute for our weekly "Family meals" of worship together as the Body of Christ. They can be added meals that can help sustain us during the week though.

They also can be used in addition to other teaching materials to bring a fresh approach to teaching God's Word. There are many Christian video clips available for just such occasions including holidays.

Inspirational Christian videos offer opportunities to uniquely use multiple senses in our devotional times too. Let the sights and sounds engage our emotions as well as our intellect and ultimately our soul and spirit.

Powerful Christian testimonies of changed lives can be found among the many uplifting videos found on the Internet from believers from all walks of life - actors, athletes, authors, musicians, etc.

Video Bible devotions for the deaf that are signed in American Sign Language are offered as well.

These type of videos can bring a new dimension to your Sunday school or Bible study lessons as well as inspire us to share our own testimonies and see God move in people's lives.

Other inspirational videos and Bible pictures found online...

Special note: We do preview the websites to which we link, but are unable to peruse them completely. We try to check others' faith statements and make sure they do profess Jesus Christ as God's Son and salvation is found only in Him. It must, however, be your responsibility to personally dig into God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to be your first and final teacher on all subjects.

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