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Christian Video Clips
for Creative Bible Lessons or Devotions

Christian video clips are just one of the amazing multimedia tools that modern technology has made available for us through the Internet.

Use these to connect sights and sounds to Biblical truths. They can enhance your devotion time or be used to engage students in Bible study lessons or sermons.

Many of these are found among the other Bible teaching tools of our site, but we also wanted to bring them all together on this page.

Image by Cowomen@Pexels

Laminin - Louie Giglio

One of my favorite inspirational Christian video clips available online is that of Pastor Louie Giglio sharing about the protein molecule called Laminin.

It again shows that our Creative Creator has placed His fingerprints on the very "glue" of our bodies. And that fingerprint again points to the very Cross of Christ.

Love Letter from God

The following inspirational video uses fifty different Bible verses and beautifully touching images to portray the wonderful love of God. This would be a unique and effective tool for sharing the love of Christ with others or even as an encouraging devotion for someone needing to be reminded of God's love and sovereignty.

Bible Study Lessons

These 5-6 minute Christian video clips are a great way to begin a Bible study lesson with teens as well as adults.  These could even be used to introduce the topic and then a discussion led lesson could be built around them.

Obedience:  Luke 2:41-52

Here is a Bible study lesson geared toward youth/teens based on the Bible verses from Luke of when Jesus visited the temple at age twelve.

Forgiveness:  Matthew 18:21-34 

Let's not take for granted the value of humor to introduce a difficult topic such as forgiving others.  The following video clip will give you a whole new perspective on the story of the unforgiving servant!

Kid President - Heroes

This video can be used for any age to begin a Bible lesson discussion on being an everyday hero...being a servant and loving people!  Point out the everyday heroes of the Bible like Jesus' disciples, the shepherd boy - David, Ruth, Esther, and so many others that put aside their pride & fear to follow God and love others with His love!

Matthew 22:36-40... Love God, Love Others

Lies Women Believe - Jennifer Rothschild

Salvation Video Clip Lessons

Sometimes when we teach on Salvation, both adults and teens may tune us out because they've "heard" it before.  So let's do something different!  The following two Christian video clips are great visuals to add another dimension; sometimes visuals stick with us long after we've forgotten what we've heard.

Holidays & Special Occasions

Easter:  Creation to the Cross in Sandpainting

This beautiful Christian Video of sand painting begins with God's eye as He begins creation. It then continues the story of the Fall of Man and concludes with the hope of the resurrection. A beautiful way to introduce a lesson on God's grace or experience a wonderful time in the presence of our Creator.

Christmas:  His Nativity

This inspirational video lasts 1:32 minutes on the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ.

Christian Video Clips for Children

Hermie the Caterpillar:  Being Special

Max Lucado has made available this wonderful Hermie & Friends video along with 3 others and fun resources for children at Tommy Nelson!

Salvation Video Clip Lesson for Kids

More great inspirational video clips

Christian video clips of Christian testimonies...

Video Devotions in Sign Language for the Deaf

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