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Christmas Bible Study
for Kids

This Christmas Bible study for kids series consists of five interactive lessons using our five senses.  Each is designed with activities for all ages to bring us back to the WONDER of the Christmas story.  They're great to use for small group, children's church or family time worship. 

family Christmas

A New "Sense" of Christmas

How often do we move through the Christmas season the same way every year.  Yes, traditions are important, but we never want the wonder of Christmas to be lost in the "already known."

Christmas is to be experienced anew each and every day of the year, not just one day, one month or one season.  This year let's use all five of our senses to experience the true wonder of the birth of our Savior!

According to educator Meghan Fitzgerald of Tinkergarten -

“Isn’t sensory learning really a preschool thing?” a friend recently asked. This question spawned a great conversation exploring why it's an understandable perception and why it really is not. She nodded knowingly when I talked about how joyful, present and engaged kids of all ages are when they activate multiple senses. The idea that had her on the edge of her seat, though, was that, per research, using multiple senses helps humans learn better."

These five Christmas Bible study lessons may also be used to follow the themes of Advent:

  1. ""Announcement of Hope - Prophecy Candle representing Hope
  2. "Light of the World" - Bethlehem Candle representing Love or Faith
  3. "Shepherd Smells" - Shepherd Candle representing Joy
  4. "Up Close & Personal" - Angel Candle  representing Peace
  5. "The Inside Gift" - Christ's Candle (optional) representing Purity

"Packing Up our Sense of Christmas"
A Christmas Bible Study for Kids

Begin these lessons with kids packing a bag to travel.  If you are using these for a class or children's church, bring a bag you've already packed filled with the sights, sounds, touches, smells and tastes of Christmas.

You may also want to let kids draw a suitcase and either draw or list as many "Christmasy" sights, sounds, etc. they can think of.  Take time to talk about which sense we would use to experience each such as:

  • Christmas lights we can see.
  • Jingle bells we can hear.
  • Candy canes we can taste or smell.
  • Christmas trees we can touch, see and even smell real ones.

If you're at home with family, allow kids to actually pack a bag including an item for each of the five senses.  For each family time using this Christmas Bible study for kids, allow them to share an item as you begin each lesson talking about that specific sense.

Christmas Bible Study for kids - The Sounds of Christmas

jingle bell

For this Christmas Bible study for kids you'll need some jingle bells.

Bells have always been a way to announce the coming or beginning of something whether it's the beginning of a class, the doorbell at your home, or the jingle bells on a sleigh!

"Hear the Bells Ring!" Lesson

Christmas Bible Study for kids - The Sights of Christmas

christmas lights5

This Christmas Bible study for kids will emphasize the difference of just seeing with our eyes and looking intentionally (seeking).  It also addresses the importance of light both physical and spiritual.

"Light of the World" Lesson 

Christmas Bible study for Kids - The Smell of Christmas

christmas smell

Smell is a sense we don't always acknowledge unless something smells really good or really bad.  Have kids take time to think about all the smells of Christmas both now and at that first Christmas night.

"Stinky Shepherds" Lesson

Christmas Bible Study For Kids - the Feel of Christmas

Christmas pinecones

To feel something you must be close enough to touch.  This Christmas Bible study for kids focuses on how Simeon and Anna not only knew about the Savior of the World, they came close and received Him.

"Up Close & Personal" Lesson 

Christmas Bible study For Kids - The Taste of Christmas

candy cane single

In this Christmas Bible lesson have kids write down three of their favorite things to taste.  Have them share one they would like to receive as a gift.

Encourage kids to carry the senses of Christmas beyond Christmas Day and continue seeking Jesus being aware of His presence all around us. 

"The Inside Gift" Lesson 

MoRe CHristmas BIble Study & Activites

Nativity 5

"The Wonder of the Christmas Story"

Take a fresh look through the eyes of some of the people that were there - Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the innkeeper, the wisemen and more!  These six Christmas Bible study lessons will stir a new wonder of Christmas!

jingle bells Christmas lesson

So many Christmas object lessons can be used to illustrate the wonder and truths of Christmas too!  These take an everyday object to not only introduce a Christmas Bible study lesson, but also to lock God's truth into our memory every time we see the object. 

Christmas Object Lessons

25 Christmas Bible Study Devotionals from Everyday Objects

We pray this Christmas Bible study for kids brings hope and peace to your family or class as you trust in His faithfulness and goodness. It must first begin with The Messiah, His Son, Jesus Christ. For help in sharing how others can know God through a personal relationship, visit our know Jesus page or ideas for sharing the Gospel.

Another interactive Christmas Bible study we have is called "Pieces of the Nativity". Christmas object lessons, as well as, Christian Christmas activities can spark more ideas for Christmas Bible study lessons too!

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