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Christmas Bible Study

These lessons for Christmas Bible study are designed with activities for all ages to bring us back to the WONDER of the Christmas story.  They may be used for small group or family time worship.  Take a fresh look through the eyes of some of the people that were there - Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the innkeeper, the wisemen and more!

Christmas Nativity

The truth of each Christmas Bible study lesson is found in the most well known, most quoted verse of the Bible - John 3:16 -"For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

In John 10:10 Jesus goes on to say - "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy ; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

And finally Jesus goes on to say in Matthew 28:20 - "and lo, I am with you always , even to the end of the age."

Christmas Bible Study - In the Wait

The wait for Christmas began hundreds of years before that first Christmas night.  The Hebrew people had been waiting for the promise of a Savior, Zechariah and Elizabeth had been waiting years for a baby.  Through studying Luke's account in chapter 1 of the Gospel of Luke, we can see the wait was not only worth it, but God was at work even in the wait!

Bible study:  Zechariah & Elizabeth - In the Wait

Christmas Bible Study - The Nativity

If we were to count up how many times in our life we have heard the Christmas Story, it would probably amaze us! It's a wonderful story, but so many times, as it is with other familiar stories, we tend to lose our awe of it and the amazement of God's love.

Use this interactive Christmas Bible lesson along with the pieces of your Nativity set for really any age group that hopefully will bring us back to a place of amazement as if hearing it for the very first time!

Bible study:  The Nativity - Moments of Wonder

Christmas Bible Study - The Shepherds


Many of us have heard the Christmas story so often it has lost its wonder.  Sometimes the sense of wonder can be found again when we allow ourselves to "wonder."  Have you ever wondered why God chose the shepherds to be the first to hear about Jesus' birth?  They were just common people in the ordinary of their day when Jesus came and changed everything!

God invites us to seek.  The story of the shepherds can teach us how to again be amazed in the midst of the ordinary and how God's love has been sent to everyone through Jesus!

Bible Study:  The Shepherds - All Matter to God

Christmas Bible study  - The Innkeeper

Have you ever wondered about the Innkeeper?

Whether it's in a Bible study or a Christmas play, he usually gets a bad rap.  What do we really know about him, about his heart?  Is there a lesson here for our hearts too?

Bible Study:  The Innkeeper - Too Full & Too Busy

Christmas Bible Study - the Wisemen

the wisemen

Have you ever wondered how the wisemen may have had access to Israel's prophecies?  Have you ever wondered about the gifts they chose to bring? 

God invites us to seek.  The story of the wisemen can teach us how to seek and worship!

Bible Study:  The Wisemen - Seek & Worship

Christmas Bible study - Simeon & Anna

The holidays can be the hardest for so many people. This Christmas Bible study lesson is meant to bring hope into lives that may be wondering if God has forgotten. It is a reminder to all of us that God is faithful no matter what we may see with our eyes or feel with our hearts. There is hope for a New Year!

Bible Study:  Simeon & Anna - Hope in God's Faithfulness

New Christmas Bible study for Kids & Youth

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

packing Christmas

"Packing Up Our Sense of Christmas"

This Christmas Bible study for kids series consists of five interactive lessons using our five senses.  Each is designed with activities for all ages to bring us back to the WONDER of the Christmas story.  They're great to use for small group, children's church or family time worship. 

How often do we move through the Christmas season the same way every year.  Yes, traditions are important, but we never want the wonder of Christmas to be lost in the "already known."

Christmas is to be experienced anew each and every day of the year, not just one day, one month or one season.  This year let's use all five of our senses to experience the true wonder of the birth of our Savior!

Christmas Bible Study Object Lessons

Christmas countdown

So many Christmas object lessons can be used to illustrate the wonder and truths of Christmas too!  These take an everyday object to not only introduce a Christmas Bible study lesson, but also to lock God's truth into our memory every time we see the object. 

Christmas Object Lessons

25 Christmas Bible Study Devotionals from Everyday Objects

More Creative Christmas ideas:

We pray this Christmas Bible study lesson brings hope and peace to your life as you trust in His faithfulness and goodness. It must first begin with The Messiah, His Son, Jesus Christ. You can know God through a personal relationship; find out now how to know Jesus! Don't let another Christmas pass you by without seeing the Savior!

Another interactive Christmas Bible study is called "Pieces of the Nativity". Christmas object lessons, as well as, Christian Christmas activities can spark more ideas for Christmas Bible study lessons too!

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