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Best Books for Children

Welcome to "My Little Bookshelf" of what I consider some of the best books for children which go far beyond just telling a story; they offer meaningful moments spent together influencing a child's life.  

These ideas and lessons come from my heart as a mother of four, a school librarian, a follower of Christ, and a lover of books!  I've included both well known classics and recent releases.

Discover how to use books to help children see themselves, others and God through the eyes of a story!

Inspire Kids to Be All God Created them to Be!

It's important for children and adults alike to realize they matter;  we are each uniquely created to be all God has planned for us.  With so much bullying and confusion infused in our culture, the best books for children can be used to inspire kids to be themselves and soar!

You Are Special - A lesson on Identity

One of my all-time favorites is this book by Max Lucado.  Punchinello is a small wooden Wemmick.  He is thwarted by others' opinion of him shown through the giving of gold star stickers or gray dot stickers.  He begins to feel "less" until He meets the woodcarver, Eli.

This story will help readers connect that God thinks we each are special, and it's His thoughts that matter because He made us and loves us just as we are.  - Full Lesson

Tacky the Penguin - Being Different can be good!

Tacky is an odd bird, but a good bird to have around. He steps to the beat of a different drummer from the other penguins. But in his own haphazard way, Tacky saves the other penguins by being unordinary.

God has created each of us to be unique and special. We shouldn't look down on anyone including ourselves because we are different in some way. God designed us to be more than just a part of the crowd; He has a special plan for our life! Jeremiah 29:11 in the Bible says so!   - Full Lesson

I'm (NOT) Just a Scribble by Diane Alber

Being a fairly recent release, you may not be familiar with this gem which not only promotes a healthy self image and relationships for children, but also can inspire them to be creative - even with a scribble!  Find out how to pair it with the Bible story of Joseph for a great lesson on forgiveness!  Full Lesson with Printables

More "Best Books for Children"

Following are some of the best books for children I have found that can be used to build good character along with an understanding of what the Bible has to say about each trait.

The Giving Tree - A Lesson on Giving

God's ways are not like man's ways. God says it is better to give than receive. He loves to bless a cheerful giver. When we give to others with a heart of love, it brings us great joy and contentment (that means being truly happy with what you have). - Full Lesson

Bible Verses:  Acts 20:35; Luke 6:38; 2 Corinthians 9:7 - 

Little Blue Truck - A Lesson on Kindness

Little Blue Truck understands you have to be a friend to have a friend.  He is kind and helps his friends; in return, they help him along with a grumpy dump truck who learns the importance of kindness and helping others.

Dr. Seuss Books with Bible Lessons

Christian Books for Children

Best Books for Teens

Everyone loves a story!  Stories just stick with us, they draw us in to become a part of them so that we may experience something new and amazing. Because of this, Children's books offer creative Bible teaching opportunities for both children, as well as, youth, and adults.

Many of the best books for children can be borrowed from your local library.  If not, most are available on (our affiliate) with discounted prices through this link:


I also order many of my books from which offers used books at lower prices.  Amazon of course has a huge selection also and offers both new and used.

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