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The "Why" of Creative Bible STudy

Why do we do what we do?  Because of you!  Many of our readers and users have written to us telling us how our site has helped them in their ministry or life in general.  You are part of the why as we all work together to build God's Kingdom for God's glory!

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"I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth.  So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.  Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor.  For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building."
1 Corinthians 3:6-9

Thank You for the Encouragement!

We cannot say thank you enough for the hundreds of you from around the world that have contacted us over the past eleven years!  Sometimes we all can get discouraged and wonder if we are making a difference.  Encouragement is so important, and we value yours! You are why we keep doing what we do: below we share just a few of the things you've shared.

"Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing." - 1 Thessalonians 5:7

Why?  -  To Help Teachers Teach

God has "wired" me up with a love for reading, research & writing.  He is the one that gives me the ideas for connecting His Word with His world and everyday life.  Since it's all a gift from Him, I want to share it freely and locate other resources shared freely to help those who teach His Word all over the world whether in churches, small groups, missions or families at home.  Thanks for sharing that our site is doing just that!

"Hello Jeff and Susan, I'm writing to thank you for the "Tool Box" object lesson you shared on Pinterest. It is so simple, yet meaningful. I plan to use the lesson for tomorrow's Sunday School. Thank you and God bless you!"  - A in Washington 

"I am a tired missionary mom in Africa that has been trying to make creative lessons for our kid's church group. I have exhausted all of my creative ideas to make activities fun, interactive and applicable to a group of children ranging from 1 to 20 years old. I just happened upon your site and I have been so blessed by your "Incredible Me" series! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas that can be translated and used for such a diverse group. Many thanks!"  - L in Africa

"Just wanted to say thank you for your object lesson about being created in God's image (using a photo and then a filtered warped photo to represent sin). I used it to teach K-2 Sunday school. Though it conveyed this concept so well. Helped me to understand this concept and am hoping I was able to pass this along to the kids. Thank you!!" - T in Kansas

"Greetings! Pls. forgive me, I am not good with understanding computer jargon. We are indeed a shoe string start up church/sunday school. I am looking for free printable children's 1-5th grade topical Bible lessons. I think you can help me, but again are they really free? I like your SonLife background."  E - New Jersey

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your site. I teach Junior Church & have used so many of your lessons and/or ideas. You are a great resource & are very appreciated. Thank you!" - A in New York

"Thank you so much for your object lessons - I plan to do the "eyeglasses" lesson tomorrow. So generous of you to share for free!"  - A in Washington

"Good morning, I found your site when looking for VBS ideas for our small little "country" church. I was touched by your VBS statistics, and honestly needed to read those to urge me forward. I think your "One in Minion" theme is so creative and special. How did you construct the "Incredible Me" sign and your minions? Thank you so much!" - M in Alabama

Why?  -  To Encourage God's Family

As believers in Christ, we have become a part of  God's family and serve alongside each other.  What a blessing it is to hear when someone is encouraged and blessed by things on our site!  Thanks for telling us "why"! And thank You, Lord!

"Hi! I just want to say much an encouragement this website has given me. It helped come closer to God and I am so blessed to be able to find! Thanks so much!" K (age 14) in Ohio

"God bless you with all His love. Thank you for your Holy work in God! You guys are unique, keep and hold on. You may have no idea of how much help God gave me through the "Father's Love letter" Again, thank you so much brothers and sister in Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!" - M in Norway

"As a teen, I found this information very useful. I live in a good christian family, but that never means there isn´t trouble. Thanks a lot." - M in Guatemala 

"I am really blessed when reading your stories. Thank you" - F in Vanuatu

The Ultimate Why of what we do!

The ultimate why is to help others know Jesus, and what a blessing it is to hear when we have even a small part in that!  Thank you for sharing!

"I have come to Jesus by reading what is written and taught on your website. I was feeling hopeless, and was depressed and discouraged, but no more do I feel that way, I am thinking Jesus must have heard my prayer, because I can feel peace inside myself, including in the area of my heart I think." - J in Minnesota  

"Thank you Susan for the great testimony....what I read this morning was God's message to me. I am a Christian since birth but most of the time I choose to do things my way and God put me through this transition period to get me right back to him. Well, I guess He is a wonderful God I'm that he gave us the opportunity to choose like you said. Your message touched me today and I gave my life to him whole heartedly this morning. Praise God that I'm alive. God bless you and he family. Love from" - S in Fiji

"Hello, I turned to God just over ten years ago. I knew about God since childhood, because my school was in the church grounds, and so we regularly attended in the Church itself. I received my Authorized King James Bible at school, and still have it. Back to what I was to say, I was sat to dinner, and was feeling pretty low, due to my state of health. I was asking myself "why?" When a voice (in my head), said very loud and clear, "you turned your back on me!" I believe it was Him. Straight away I dug my old Bible out, and started on a journey. I bought books when ever I could, and watched less and less television, until the point where I don't need it anymore. I know people round me aren't interested, but it won't change me. I'm not perfect, I know! I try not to sin, but as Jesus said "The flesh is weak!" Thank you for listening." - G in United Kingdom

Why? - To Benefit from your help & suggestions!

We appreciate all your help with suggestions or questions!  Many of you have made us aware of links that need to be fixed, mistyped Bible references, giving us the origin of ideas we had only heard about, and sending in your own ideas and suggestions.  Thank you!

"Hi again, Susan, Thank you for fixing the links for me for the Kingdom Kids Bible studies. I have one more favor to ask. When I click on the link for King Josiah, something about making scrolls pulls up instead. If you have time, I would love to have the information on King Josiah. Thanks so much!"  - M in Texas

"Could you recommend a bible study guide for a small group combining teenage youth and adults (parents included)?" - K in Indiana

Greetings. I wanted to alert you to a Scripture reference error on your web page ( related to the object lessons using a wrapped present. In the body of the text, you refer to Romans 2:8, but you are quoting from Eph 2:8 (which you do have correct in the top lines). J in Canada

Just wanted to ask you to give credit where credit is due - I found your page searching for bible reading plans, and the SOAP plan you outline on this page: comes from a book written by Wayne Cordeiro called The Divine Mentor. If you've never heard of it, I highly recommend reading it. It (and the SOAP method) reinvigorated my connection to God's word and I'm completely grateful. But I know many churches may be using this method without attribution (my own women's group was doing so). God Bless. - V in Australia

Thank you for telling us why! You are why we do what we do!

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