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Christian Easter Egg Hunt
Object Lesson

Use this Christian Easter egg hunt object lesson to turn your Easter egg hunt into  an opportunity to share the Gospel this Easter!  

A few years ago I wanted to share the  message of the Gospel during our church Easter egg hunt using a different method than the resurrection eggs or Gospel egg; therefore, this object lesson came to be!

Whether it's a church, community, neighborhood or family Easter egg hunt, plant the seeds of the Gospel in a fun and creative way that will help both kids and parents focus on Jesus and why He came as they enjoy the hunt and beyond!

"Empty to Faith-filled" -
Found, Forgiven, Filled, Family & Forever

What you'll need for this Christian Easter Egg Hunt:

Beforehand prepare a basket of empty plastic eggs of different colors and sizes.  Have a bag of candy available to fill one as you talk about the fruit of the spirit and being filled.  Also cut a piece of paper to make a capital E; you will tear or cut the bottom off to make a capital F as a visual to help them remember the Five words from today.  Have a marker or pen handy to write the words on the F.

I know sometimes it's easier to get the "gist" of a lesson when watching it being taught, so I have stepped out of my comfort zone and included a video of the lesson being taught.  It is far from perfect, but may help you get the idea.  Also, if for any reason you don't feel like you can teach the lesson or want to use it to show your own kids, you are welcome to use this video. 

And please excuse the goofy "freeze frame" it caught of me!  Haha!

"Empty to Faith Filled" - An Object Lesson for a Christian Easter Egg Hunt

During - Script for Christian Easter Egg Hunt Object Lesson:

Printable Script

Hey, kids!  Are you excited about hunting Easter eggs today?  Me too!

Before we get started though, can someone tell me why we celebrate Easter?  Is it about the eggs?

[Guide children in telling about Jesus' death, burial & resurrection. We will have parents listening as well, so we don't want to assume everyone has heard the Easter story.]

Did you know that even as we hunt Easter eggs today, we can be reminded of what Easter is really all about?

Look, I've brought all these colorful eggs!  Some are small and some are big!  They're all different colors too!  They're kind of like us!  Don't they look good?

[Hold up the basket of empty plastic eggs for them to see.]

In a few minutes, you're going to go out and find some Easter eggs, aren't you?  Jesus tells us He is the Good Shepherd and we are like lost sheep.  All of Heaven celebrates when even one of us turns back to God and is found!  (Luke 15:1-6)

What's the best part of finding Easter eggs?  [Allow some to answer.] Surprises inside...right?

[Open an egg and show that it's empty...look very disappointed.]

My egg is empty...

You know this reminds me of how I was before Jesus came into my life.  My life felt something was missing and I couldn't find what.

Sin causes our life to be empty, but Jesus overcame sin and death so our sin can be forgiven and He wants to fill us with His life - abundant life (filled with good things) and forever life (never ending).

When we turn away from our sin (doing what we want to do instead of what we know God says is right) and turn to God, trusting Jesus to save us, He forgives us and also fills us!

Have you ever heard of the Fruit of the Spirit?  Can we name them? - Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-control

God's Holy Spirit comes in and fills our life with all these good things!

When you open your eggs today and find good things like treats in them, remember how God wants to put His life and all these good things in you too when you trust Jesus. 

Today you don't have to pay for the treats you find in your eggs; someone else has already paid for them.  All you have to do is pick them up and receive them for yourself.  In the same way, Jesus already paid the price to forgive our sins when He died on the cross; we just have to receive His gift.

What are you going to do with the Easter eggs you find today?  Put them in your basket and take them home with you?

When Jesus finds us, forgives us and fills us, He also puts us in His family so that one day He can take us home to Heaven to live with Him forever!

We probably all know John 3:16 [say together], but did you know John says something very similar in his letter - 1 John 4:9-10?

"God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love—not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins."

Paul also tells us in Romans 5:8 that God didn't wait for us to get it right before loving us -

"But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners."

God loves you and I so much that He showed us by sending Jesus; that's what Easter...and life is really all about!

Christian Easter Egg Hunt

So as your hunting Easter eggs today and even later, I hope you will remember Five words.  They don't begin with "E" like Easter, but "F"!  [Tear or cut the bottom of the E to make an F.  Write each word on the F as you say them.]

  1. FOUND - Without Jesus, we are lost and need to be found.
  2. FORGIVEN - With Jesus we are forgiven.  All our sin has been paid for and taken away.
  3. FILLED - Without Jesus we are empty and need to be filled.
  4. FAMILY - With Jesus as our Lord & Savior, He puts us in His family so that one day we will go home to live with Him...
  5. FOREVER in Heaven!

Christian Easter egg Hunt

Take time to pray and thank God for sending Jesus so we can be found, filled, forgiven and made a part of His family FOREVER!

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