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A Quiet Time to be Refilled

I know what you're thinking.  "How do I find time for a quiet time in the midst of the craziness of life?!"  I get busy! I also understand what it's like to feel drained and empty.  This is why finding time alone with God is not just a luxury, it's vital to our survival!

A time of devotion is not to earn "brownie points" with God.  It is a time set aside to be with Him without distractions, a time to rest in His presence and know Him.

So let's keep it simple.  A quiet time does not have to be long and does not have to be in a certain place.  This is a time to do as God says in Psalm 46:1 - "Be still, and know that I am God."  The "know" in this verse does not mean to know about; it is in reference to knowing through a growing relationship.  Take a few moments to pause and become aware of His presence; He is near.  

First let's look at some creative "on-the-go" ideas which can be implemented right away; then we'll look at ideas for moving into a more scheduled quiet time routine.

Quiet Time on the Go

We can have a quiet time even while we are on the go by learning to use moments already in our day to refocus our sight on Jesus rather than our circumstances.  With or without technology, this can be done in many ways.

  • Waiting.  How many minutes of our day are spent waiting - waiting in car line to pick up the kids, waiting to checkout, waiting on an appointment, etc.?  Turn this "waiting time" into a "quiet time."  Be still.  Quiet your spirit.  Recognize God's presence.  Remember His promises. Count His many blessings! Use your smart device to read Scripture from a Bible App. (I am a huge fan of YouVersion!)  Review Bible verses you have memorized.  Write verses on sticky notes or index cards or in notes on your phone to pull out during these times of waiting.  Look around and pray for those you see or think of during this time.  Use our Bible Seeker Object Lesson Devotions to help you continue to meditate on God's message throughout your day.
  • Lunch Breaks. You may be used to eating at your desk alone or joining a group for lunch.  Instead, what if you invited God to have lunch with you?  As you eat, try to disperse any distractions and focus on Who He is.  Take time to read a Christian daily devotion or a few verses giving Him your attention.  Talk to Him about what's on your heart and mind.  Include Him in your day.
  • Drive Time.  If you do any commuting or driving to and from places alone, this is an opportune time to include prayer, worship music, and even listening to Scripture.  So often we put our minds on cruise control when we could be allowing God to speak to us and us to Him.
  • Exercise Time. Why not exercise spiritually along with physically?!  Discipline your thoughts along with your muscles.  Worship to music, listen to Scripture, practice memory verses, pray.  Focus your thoughts on Jesus and listening for His Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. Paul says in 1 Timothy 4:8 - "for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come."  I love to walk around our neighborhood; it's a wonderful time to notice God's creation and also pray for our neighbors or other things on my mind.
  • Computer Time.  Aside from actually working on the computer or our smart device, how much time do we spend just surfing, shopping, looking at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?  What if we turned our electronics off and spent a portion of that time with God?

These are just a few examples of "go time" that we already have available to spend a few moments of quiet time with God enjoying His presence, His calm, His peace.  In these moments God can refill us in ways nothing else can.

Structured Quiet Time

Making the most of our spare moments to have quiet times with God throughout our day is important.  Carving out a planned daily time to spend with God regularly is our goal though.

Why is a quiet time important?  Here are just a few reasons:

  • To really know someone, you have to spend time with them.
  • No one can fill our cup or meet our needs like God can.
  • Our kids and others are watching.  Having a quiet time demonstrates to others God is our priority and also provides an example for them to follow.


Think about when your "best time" of the day is.  I am a morning person, so getting up a little earlier and having coffee with God is the time I am most alert.


After carving out a regular time, whether it is ten minutes or an hour, next carve out a little space.  This may consist of a room, a closet, a chair, or maybe just a basket you can move to a quiet corner.


I usually keep my Bible, a pen or pencil, a composition notebook, and a devotional in a basket by a chair in a quiet corner where I am near a window to look out.

What to do

Be still. 

Pray; ask God to draw near as you draw near to Him. (James 4:8)  Sometimes I listen to a worship song to put my focus on God and stir my heart for Him. 

Read a devotional and/or a few verses of Scripture.  Write which verses seem to speak to you.  Spend time listening for God to speak.  Jot down thoughts. Let this be a time of communion with God, knowing Him, being in His presence.

At first you may feel like you're just going through the motions.  Give yourself time as you continue to discover Him through His Word and prayer.

Here's a short Bible study I taught to my Sunday school class during the COVID Pandemic on using God's Word and prayer together:

Prayer Journal

Keeping a quiet time prayer journal has several benefits:

  • Keeps me focused
  • Keeps a record of my prayers to go back & see how God answered
  • Leaves a legacy for my family
  • Gives me a place to jot down things the Holy Spirit teaches me

Do NOT let keeping a  journal cause you to put God in a box though!  As with anything, we can become too stringent and routine making our quiet time become just a habit.

I have kept prayer journals in two basic ways: 

  1. Photo journal in a binder with loose leaf sheets which can travel with me anywhere and dividers on which I place photos of my family as I pray for them.  This journal is a little more structured with many prayers written out as I pray Scripture over my family, church and various situations & needs.  I'll try to include some examples here soon!
  2. Composition Notebooks - These are more of daily prayer journals with jots and thoughts of Scriptures I'm reading, prayer lists, and informal notes I write to God.  

Extended Quiet Time

Sometimes we need to draw away from the world and soak in God's presence for an extended time.  Maybe we are in the midst of a trial or seeking direction in life or absolutely empty with nothing more to give.  It may be a day; it may be a weekend; it may just be a few hours.  

During spiritual retreat quiet time, try to go somewhere different.  Being out of routine can give us new perspective on life.  I love anywhere near a source of water.  It may only be a fountain in a park, but it just reminds me that He is the Living Water, my source for true life.  

You may have to wait until the kids are in bed a sleep; then slip out and lie on a blanket beneath the stars enjoying His peace and calm.  

We were created in God's image to know Him in relationship.  Sin built a wall, but Jesus overcame so we may have life through knowing Him as our Lord and Savior.  This is just the beginning!  Think of quiet time as getting a small glimpse of all He has for us to enjoy in His presence for eternity!

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