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The Belt of Truth
Lesson 4 - Armor of God Series

Lesson Summary:  God gives us His belt of Truth to protect us from Satan’s lies.  The more we strengthen our core with God’s truth the better we will be able to stand firm and not trip over Satan’s lies & schemes.

Time/Audience:  I did this Belt of Truth lesson with about 15 3rd-6th graders in about a 45-50 minute time schedule.  It is adaptable to be used with younger students as well as teens.


  • Print a copy of the Armor Diagram for each student to label or have paper for them to draw their own pieces of armor to label.  Make sure to point out the Belt of Truth.  The prayer acrostic may be written on the back of this.
  • Bring a belt and a large pair of pants.

Focal Scripture:  Ephesians 6:14  Stand, therefore, with truth like a belt around your waist, righteousness like armor on your chest,”

Key Takeaway:  With God’s truth as our center, Satan’s lies will not cause us to fall.

Printables:  Armor of God Diagram ; Lesson Handout ; Belt of Truth Full Lesson

review previous lessons(10 min)

Give each student a copy of the “Armor of God” diagram.  Have them pair up and label the pieces of armor using Ephesians 6:10-19.  Review the past three lessons if used and then introduce the first piece of God's armor that is listed - the Belt of Truth.

Review Lessons 1-3 (5 min)

1.    Our Example - Timothy is our example of a good soldier for Christ and later became the pastor of the church at Ephesus.  He was approved by God because of his genuine faith.

2.    Our Commander – Jesus is the ultimate hero and has already won the victory; as we follow Him, we are victorious in life also.

3.    Our Enemy – Satan is our enemy and although he is opposite of God, he is NOT equal to God.  1 John 4:4

Introductory Activity for Belt of Truth  (5 min.) -
Trivia (True or False)

Read the trivia questions one by one, asking students to put their hands on their head if they think it is true or sit on their hands if they think it is false.

Ask them if there were any questions they “guessed” on.  Ask them why.  Hopefully they will say because they didn’t know.  Point out that it’s like that in life sometimes.  We believe the wrong things because we don’t know the truth.  If we don’t know the truth, we can’t recognize a lie…and Satan knows it!

True/False Trivia Questions

  1. T – Ping Pong balls have been known to travel off the paddle at speeds up to 160 km/h.
  2. T - Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at one end.
  3. F – Mars is the closest planet to Earth.  (Venus is)
  4. T -Mosquito repellents don't repel, They hide you. (The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there.)
  5. T - Adult elephants can't jump.
  6. F – The “port side” of a ship is the right side.
  7. T - Horses fall asleep while standing.
  8. T- The Statue of Liberty wears sandals.
  9. F- A pineapple grows from a tree.  (from the ground)
  10. F- Two books of the Bible were written by women. (All written by men; two are named for women – Ruth & Esther)

Core Lesson:  two aspects of the Belt of Truth's design (30 min.)

1 - A belt is worn to keep clothing up

Activity:    Beltless Relay

Divide students evenly into two teams; then divide each team so that half are on each side of the room.  Give the first student on each team an oversized pair of pants.  Tell them when you say go, they are to walk as quickly as they can to the other side of the room and give the pants to the next teammate to walk as quickly as they can back to the other side until all teammates have had a turn.  The catch is…they cannot use their hands to hold up the pants! 

Ask students what would have helped them go faster.  Hopefully they will say – something to hold up the pants like a belt!

A belt is designed to hold clothing up so it doesn’t trip us.  In the same way God’s belt of Truth helps us not trip and fall over Satan’s lies. 

Remember what the Bible calls Satan?  - the Father of Lies; great deceiver

 Jesus’ gave us an example of recognizing Satan’s lies and using Scripture (Truth) as protection.

Open Bibles to Matthew 4:1-11 and read how Satan tempted Jesus.  Point out that Satan didn’t come up with a far-fetched lie, but “twisted” the truth.

Ask students if they know the oath a witness has to swear in court before they testify -
“I will tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth…”  Ask why it is important that they tell the “whole truth.” 

Ask if they’ve ever told someone only part of the truth.  Was that really the truth then?  Satan knows how to trip us up and cause us to fall down into sin.

2 - A belt is worn around our middle or center

Activity 2:  Have someone “demonstrate” how to wear a belt.  Have them wrap it around there head, ankle, like a purse, etc.; then have someone show them how to really wear a belt – around their middle!

A belt is worn around our middle or center.  The Belt of Truth protects our center or core.

 There are two ways the Belt of Truth protects our core.

1.    Our Emotions

Many times when we refer to “feeling” our emotions we talk about our middle section such as “butterflies in our tummy” or a “gut feeling”.  Thoughts lead to emotions and emotions lead to actions.

If our thoughts are based on lies such as “I am no good.” or “No one cares about me.”, they can cause us to feel bad and that affects how we act.

It is always good to test the thoughts behind our emotions with the truth of God’s Word!

Example:  Sadness – thought behind it – “No one cares about me.”  Truth is that God cares and loves you very much!

Fear – thought behind it – “I am all alone!” – Truth is that Jesus said He’d never leave us or forsake us; He is with you!


2.    Our Balance & Core Strength

* Core muscles support our spine and help our balance.

Activity:  “Plank Challenge” -  Have volunteers see who can “plank” the longest.  You may need to help them with their form to do it correctly. 

“Balance Challenge” - And/or have everyone see who can balance in a yoga tree pose with one leg bent and arms above head pointing upward.

It is so important that we strengthen our spiritual core with God’s Truth.  This will help us stand firm as a believer and keep our balance in life.

Two truths we need to ALWAYS hang on to are 1)  God loves us.  and 2)  We can trust Him.

Examples of lies the world & Satan tells us; have students come up with reason they are FALSE.

  • No one cares about me. (FALSE – God loves and cares about you!)
  • I can’t do anything & not worth anything. (FALSE!  God loves you & created you special!)
  • Nothing goes right in my life; I should just quit.  FALSE!!!  God has a plan & we can trust Him!)
  •  I’ll never pass this test; I should just cheat. (FALSE!!!  Cheating is stealing someone else’s answers and will not help me learn.  God has a better plan!)
  • I don’t want to get into trouble; I can just not tell my parents what really happened. ( FALSE!  The truth will eventually come out and you will have lost your parents’ trust.)

Belt of Truth Lesson Summary:  God gives us His belt of Truth to protect us from Satan’s lies.  The more we strengthen our core with God’s truth the better we will be able to stand firm and not trip over Satan’s lies & schemes.

Prayer time (10 min):

Have students write out the following acrostic for prayer; then lead them through each portion giving them time to pray.

P (praise) – Realize Who we are talking to – God Almighty, Creator & Ruler of the Universe!  He is our Father, He is good, He loves us, He is always right, etc.


R (repent) – If we are not in a right relationship with someone, it’s hard to talk to them.  Repentance puts us in right fellowship with God.  We turn away from going our own way and turn back towards Him.


A (ask for ourselves & others) – God wants to give us good thing and help us.  He also wants us to pray for others – family, friends, teachers, leaders, strangers, etc.

Y (Yes & Yield = remember God’s promises, thank Him & be willing to accept what He has for you is best) – Believe God wants what is best for you.  Thank Him for promising to never leave you, for having a plan for your life, for the promise of salvation through Jesus and life in Heaven, etc.  Follow and trust Him whether He answers yes, no or wait.

Armor of God Lesson Series

Next piece of armor - Breastplate of Righteousness

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