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A Perfect Baby Shower Book -
Just in Case You Ever Wonder

This is a wonderful baby shower book or perfect for any occasion for any child!  Every child needs to hear the message - "You are loved!"

Max Lucado's Just in Case You Ever Wonder has touched thousands of children over the past 25 years and has now been released with new illustrations in hopes of impacting new generations with its special message of God's love!

What I love about this new Edition -

If you've ever wondered why children love books with animals as the characters, it may be because animals aren't distinguished by race or ethnicity.  Any and every child can connect and identify with these character illustrations.

I also love that the adult bear in this book could be a mom or dad, a grandmother or grandfather, or even a foster parent sharing their love and God's love with their special child.

Even the little bear could be male or female and basically any age unlike the previous illustrations where the child is a girl and shown as an infant in the beginning. 

I feel like this opens the doors for this special book to be shared as a baby shower book or otherwise with all children whether they are born into a family, adopted or placed in a foster family.

Baby Shower Book

It begins...

Long, long ago God made a decision -

a very important decision...

one that I"m really glad He made. 

He made the decision to make you.

Told from the view of a parent or caregiver, Big Bear shares how special God created Little Bear.  Big Bear remembers when Little Bear first came to their home and shares they were sent by God.  

As Little Bear grows they share so many wonderful activities such as reading books and fishing.  Little Bear learns to do new things, but even so some things never change.

I'll always love you.

I'll always hug you.

I'll always be on your side.

And I want you to know that...

just in case you ever wonder.

Big Bear assures Little Bear he/she can always come to them even in the difficult times like when it's dark and they are afraid or at school and the other kids are mean.  God will also be with them watching over.

The book ends with Big Bear sharing what a wonderful place heaven is, a special place God has created.

This opens up conversations about the Gospel and how God has made a way for us to be with Him in heaven together as we put our faith and trust in His Son, Jesus.

Just in Case You Ever Wonder
By Max Lucado

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Max Lucado Reading -
Just In Case You Ever Wonder

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