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A Real Site Build It Review

A "real" and honest Site Build It review? You may be wondering why there is a need for the word "real."  It seems there are quite a few fake reviews being circulated by other companies' affiliates to turn readers away from using SBI.

After Ken Evoy contacted me about writing a real review, I searched and read a few of these misinforming reviews and decided it was worth my time to share the truth of what I have experienced over the past eleven years with Site Build It (Solo Build It).

I am not writing this Site Build It review to talk you into buying it; if you are interested in that, go here.  I am just wanting to voice the truth of what I have experienced. 

Finding SBI

I was probably just like many of you in the beginning looking for help in building a website.  I have to admit I knew next to nothing and depended a great deal on other solopreneurs' giving an honest Site Build It Review.

First of all, Site Build It offers a "90 day money back guarantee" which helped me in taking that leap of faith.  Over the past eleven years I have been using Site Build It, many changes have taken place and all for the better.

3 Reasons I would still Choose SBI

simple Tools for simple fools

I know it's not nice to use the term "fool," but when it comes to all the logistics of a website and keeping up with technology, this is how I feel!  Site Build It provides all I need in simple terms that even I can do!

I can click and drag!  Building a site with SBI is as simple as that!

In addition to the simplicity of it's building block technique though, I would still choose SBI over other alternatives today.  Ken Evoy and his team really stay on top of things! 

I am not nor ever will be a website guru.  I wanted a website to share free and creative Bible study ideas and lessons.  During the past eleven years, I also have been a full time school librarian, mom of four kids, and a pastor's wife; therefore, I didn't really have a lot of time to invest in the logistics of a website.  And there have even been times I have stepped away from working on the site for months.

The good news is this website has continued to function and thrive with or without me!  

A recent example of this is just in the past month (May 2018) everyone has been in an uproar and panic about the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.  I heard about this through an email from Ken and notices all over the Site Build It forums.  Before I could even get in a "tizzy" about it though, SBI already had the step-by-step instructions, forms, widgets, etc. ready for me to plug in for this site to be up to date with security as well as privacy policy.

Community & Communication

The company may be called Solo Build It, but I never feel like I am solo or on my own.  There is a whole community network of SBIers (Solopreneurs) ready to help in the Site Build It Forums!

When I have needed more help, I just email my question to SBI Support and in a matter of hours I have a personal trainer ready to walk me through whatever is needed.  They have never left me in the lurch!

More bang for your buck

Price wise Site Build It or Solo Build It is comparable to other companies at about $29.99/month or $299/year.  

So where is the extra "bang"?  Besides all the tools, training and support, SBI really does build traffic when you follow their process!  Several of our pages have reached the "top ten" for Google search which is ideally where you want to be! 

By using the Site Build It keyword search, ranking reports and analyze it tool, our site is found and accessed by an average of 3,000-6,000 individual users a day - or over 1 million unique users this past year!  That may not sound like a lot to some, but it excites me to know that many people are finding and using our materials! 

This also translates into money so this site pays for itself when displaying ads.  We don't sell anything on our site, but we do use Adsense to place ads here.  We believe it helps our readers find more materials, and yes, it does provide an income to pay for the site.

A Final Word for this Site Build It Review

Site Build It (Solo Build It) may not be for everyone.  Some want quick and easy where as SBI can be slow, but it's steady.  There's also a big difference between microwavable vegetables and home cooked vegetables from your own garden.  One may be quick and easy, but sure doesn't satisfy like the other!

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