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Easter Bible Study - Obey

This lesson in our countdown to Easter Bible study series takes a look at obedience even in the small things.  Obedience demonstrates trust and trust is born out of love. 

Our ten countdown to Easter Bible lessons may be found HERE with a free e-book printable.

Obey in the Little Things

"And He sent two of His disciples and said to them, “Go into the city, and a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him;"

Mark 14:13

Read, Write & Learn

  1. Read- Mark 14:12-16
  2. Write  - Mark 14:13
  3. Learn - This Easter Bible study devotion causes us to ask ourselves - are we willing to obey God even in the little things?  What about when He doesn't give us all the facts?  The disciples obeyed.  The man with the water obeyed.  Never think what God asks us to do is too small or too menial  - let's just trust and obey.  What we may see as small, God says is important.

Easter Bible Study Discussion

Discuss with your family, class or friend, or think about the following:

  • Which two disciples would you think Jesus sent on this mission? Why? (Look up Luke 22:7 for the answer)  Jesus sent two of His closest friends on what may have seemed like such a menial task or mission.  Why do you think He chose these two?
  • What characteristic did Jesus give about the man that would meet them? (He would be carrying a jar of water.)  Do you think this was significant for a reason? 
  • Jesus only gave them two tasks - to find and follow.  How can we apply that mission in our lives today?
  • With such little information, do you think the disciples had questions or simply obeyed?  What can we learn from their example?
  • Think about the church, do some "tasks" or jobs seem small and unimportant?  Which would you say was the most important job?  The least important?  What do you think God would say?

Live it out

Countdown to Easter by looking around your home or church for what would be considered "small" jobs or things others may think are "beneath them" that need to be done and do them! 

As you do these jobs cheerfully and do them well, remember as The Church we are the Body of Christ and all are important as we work together.

As a family or small group, make a list of these jobs.  Work together, anonymously or secretly, to complete them without anyone knowing who did it.  Or let each make their own list to secretly accomplish on their own. 

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