Bible Story of Moses

This story of Moses is taken from Exodus chapters 2-14 of the Holy Bible.

God's people, the Hebrews, had lived in Egypt for over four hundred years. Now they were slaves of the Egyptians. Pharoah, the king of Egypt, became afraid because the Hebrews were growing in number and becoming mighty. He decided to make a law that any baby boy that was born to a Hebrew must be killed.

Moses was born to a Hebrew family, but his parents knew he was not ordinary. They hid him for three months. Then they put him in a wicker basket and set it afloat in the Nile River. His sister kept watch over him as he was found by the daughter of Pharoah. Pharoah's daughter sent for a Hebrew woman to nurse and care for him. His mother was able to be his nurse even though he was raised as an Egyptian prince.

He knew it was wrong how the Egyptians were treating the Hebrews. After he had grown up, he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. In his anger, he killed the Egyptian and had to flee Egypt to the land of Midian. There he married and became a shepherd for almost forty years.

While watching over his flock one day, Moses noticed a burning bush. It was strange because the fire did not burn the bush. God spoke to him out of that burning bush and told him to go back to Egypt and tell Pharoah to free the Hebrew people. He was afraid and didn't think he could do it. God said he would be with him and would get his brother Aaron to help.

God sent ten plagues on the Egyptian people. The first plague turned all the water in Egypt into blood. The second was a plague of frogs, and the third was a plague of gnats. Then there was a plague of flies. The fifth plague caused the livestock of the Egyptians to die, and the sixth caused boils on the Egyptians and their animals. The seventh was a plague of hail; the eighth was a plague of locusts; the ninth plague caused darkness over the land of Egypt for three days. Pharoah's heart was hardened and he would not let God's people go.

The last plague caused every first-born child to die unless the family followed God's instructions for putting the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their homes. If the blood was there, the death angel would pass over that home; this is how the celebration of Passover began. Needless to say, Pharoah did not follow God's instructions and his first-born son died.

Pharoah agreed to let God's people go, and Moses led them out of Egypt. God miracuously opened the Red Sea for them to walk through on dry land. Then the sea closed and drowned the Egyptians that tried to follow them. God His people by a pillar of smoke during the day and a pillar of fire by night. The Hebrews were not always obedient and faithful to God, but God still loved and provided for His people.

You can find out more by reading in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy in your Bible.

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