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We've been using "Solo Build It" for over ten years now to build a website. After searching all the site building options out there, I found "Solo Build It" to be the best package for the money. It's extremely easy to use, and they also provide all the "know-how" and tools to promote your site.

Ken Evoy provides a step-by-step plan for building a website that will attract Internet traffic, provide a service, and be capable of paying for itself.

Whether you're building a Christian website for ministry purposes, to share your daily faith, or to be able to provide extra income for your family, I truly believe "Solo Build It" is the way to go.

"Solo Build It" can equip you to provide ministry on the Internet at no cost to your readers and the capability of covering your own costs as well. Our site paid for itself this past year; in fact, we are in the process of looking at investing in another "Solo Build It" site within the next few months!

Solo Build It!

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