Christian CHRISTmas

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Let's celebrate a Christian Christmas by keeping Christ in CHRISTmas as the very center of our celebrations!

In a day and age where the holidays (holy days) have become more about selling a product, it's that much more important for us to keep "Jesus as the reason for the season" as our focus for ourselves, our families and our churches.

Traditions & Bible Lessons:

Christmas traditions are important in creating lasting and precious memories in families. They give children a sense of roots and continuity as traditions are repeated each holiday season and eventually even passed down to further generations.

Christmas is an ideal time to instill a wonder and love for Christ in our children's lives. So many of the decorations and trimmings of Christmas can be used as wonderful Christian object lessons too! 

This is also a perfect opportunity to use a Christmas Countdown to help your family or church group to focus on Christ during the 25 days of Christmas!

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Or if you're looking for a Sunday School or Bible Lesson that's interactive, try The Pieces of the Nativity.  

Another free Bible study lesson is for those looking for hope this Christmas and in life itself!

Maybe you or someone you know needs a recipe for joy that's found in our Christmas devotion!


Chrismons or "Christ monograms" are Christian faith symbols which are used for Christmas decorations and tree ornaments.

Chrismon patterns can be used in a variety of ways to be traced and decorated by children.

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Adults may also create these beautiful beaded and felt Chrismons which make wonderful Christmas accents and decorations for churches. These cross stitch Chrismon patterns also lend themselves to creative Christmas decorations and gift additions. Or this beautiful Chrismon star snowflake pattern may be used to cut a wonderful three-dimensional Chrismon.

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More Christian Christmas fun:

This year we're in the midst of moving from one home to another; therefore our Christmas decorations are packed away. We've decided to go the "old-fashion" route and make our own decorations.

I found several really neat homemade Christmas ornament ideas, and we even plan to string popcorn & maybe cranberries! Time together is one of the most priceless gifts we can give to our family at this special time of year. Creating ornaments, singing Christmas carols, sharing Christmas object lessons we see will just be a few of the ways we'll be creating fun family memories!

Other great Christian Christmas ornaments to make include:

Christmas Candy Cane with the Story of the Candy Cane.

Christmas Bible games and word searches will help focus children on the real meaning of Christmas. These include free printable patterns for Bible memory games, Christmas Bible Bingo and more!

For younger children, even preschoolers, try this wonderful Christmas lapbook too!

Even more Christian Christmas activities & links...