Free Childrens Bible Lessons

These free Childrens Bible Lessons and ideas can help you impart the truth of God's Word in creative, meaningful ways to the youngsters in your life - whether you are a parent, grandparent, Sunday school teacher, or friend!

Educational research has shown that students of any age have varied learning styles. Therefore, we have tried to locate a variety of free Bible lessons for kids along with activities that will incorporate both visual & auditory stimuli as well as manipulatives for hands-on creativity.

Of course the most important and life changing childrens Bible lesson we can teach is how they can come to know Christ as their personal Savior - the message of the Gospel! This is a really creative salvation Bible lesson using balloons! It is sure to capture children's attention!

Bible Object Lessons

Christian object lessons  for children are a great way to use everyday items to teach Bible truths. Objects help capture kids' attention as well as giving them a cue for remembering the lesson!

Bible object lessons offer a simple tool to help us relate God's Word to our everyday surroundings. We can think of them as short, simple parables. They provide excellent Bible lessons for all ages - kids, teens, & adults.

Jesus used parables at all times of the day and in a variety of circumstances and locations. His teaching was ongoing.  Let's be like Him as we share God's truth with those around us!

If you're in a hurry though, try using our quick Object Lesson Index.

Childrens Bible Lessons for Church or School

There are also many free Sunday School lessons as well as Children's Sermons available online along with Bible activities, crafts and other fun lesson additions! 

These 17 SUPER creative children Bible lessons from River's Edge Curriculum are free, printable and look like a ton of fun while imparting the powerful truth of God's Word! These Bible lessons for children are written for K-5 grades and  include detailed instructions along with a supply checklist.

Sunday School Resources offers 26 different New Testament & Old Testament Bible stories & Children's Bible Lessons with additional activities absolutely free! 

For preschool Bible lessons for younger children there are two great resources that offer free Sunday School lessons that incorporate a wonderful selection of Bible crafts and activity ideas!  DLTK's 44 lessons cover stories from both the Old and New Testaments.  Treasure Keys' lessons cover over 60 different Bible stories, but also they have Bible truth lessons on the "Fruit of the Spirit" and "The Armor of God".  Creative added activities include snack ideas, take home sheets, games, coloring pages, etc.  And it's all free!

Kids Bible Lessons for Home

Christian parenting resources and Bible lessons for children are available to use with the young ones in your life whether you are a parent, grandparent, friend or other relative of a child.

There are not only a wide variety of Christian children's books that we can use to teach valuable life lessons, but also many other children's books offer stories that lend themselves well to teaching wonderful children's Bible lessons. We must take every opportunity God gives to invest in the younger generation!

Themed Bible Lessons

Themed Bible lessons are sometimes needed for Vacation Bible School , Children's Church Camp, or other similar events. These also can be used as a series of lessons in Children's Church or Sunday School. Another fun activity to go along with them is to have themed kid snacks. Children's Ministry Magazine offers some really great creative ideas for quality childrens Bible lessons for kids including edible Bible lessons!

Holiday Bible Lessons for Kids

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to focus on giving God thanks and praise. Developing and attitude of gratitude takes practice and positive examples. Thanksgiving Bible lessons, crafts, games, object lessons, etc. can help us teach children & youth this most important lifestyle while also reminding ourselves!

During this Christmas season use Christian Christmas activities including Christmas traditions and object lessons to keep Christ at the center of CHRISTmas.

Or for creative additions for childrens Bible lessons for your Christian Easter celebration try these great Easter activities and object lessons. Even Halloween can become a time for us to teach about the light of Christ using this pumpkin Gospel lesson and other creative Christian Halloween alternatives.

Bible Memory Lessons

Teaching children the importance of learning Bible memory verses is yet another important aspect. We have attempted to bring you several creative Bible activities, games, and coloring sheets that will help change the "work" into fun! The childhood years are a great opportunity to fill those little minds and hearts with good things!

This is also a great time for young ones to learn the books of the Bible! We've included the "famous" Books of the Bible song along with Books of the Bible flash cards which are great for teaching preschoolers too. While they are young is the prime time to take advantage of their amazing ability to memorize.

Children's Bible Lessons to Purchase

If you need further ideas for childrens Bible lessons, we are an affiliate for, and they have a wonderful selection of books that may be purchased at great prices: Childrens Bible Lessons

9780X: Super Simple Bible Lessons - Older Children Edition Super Simple Bible Lessons - Older Children Edition
By Abingdon Press

Have you ever needed a Bible lesson quickly? This resource solves your problem. Super Simple Bible Lessons contains sixty Bible lessons covering both the Old and New Testament. Each lesson includes a story, a Bible verse, and a super simple craft activity that will reinforce the story. Each craft activity is reproducible. Make as many copies as you need for your class of two or twenty. An easy-to-use index helps you locate specific stories for the children.

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