Bible Pictures for Bible Lessons

When you think of "Bible pictures," do you visualize in your mind the pictures that your Sunday school teacher used when you were a child? Times have changed and now there is such a variety of visual tools that can enhance Sunday School lessons, Bible study lessons, Children's Church and sermons.

Try the following Photo Bible lessons, Christian videos, and links to sites that offer free Bible photos, and printable coloring sheets that are appropriate for teaching Bible lessons to preschoolers, children, youth and adults. These can be used as tools for Sunday School, Homeschooling, Sermon powerpoints, or really any Bible teaching opportunities.

God has given me a love for photography and a love for His Word; therefore, "Photo Bible Lessons" is my way of putting the two of these together.

These are photos & images that can be used to teach a Bible lesson that will be able to impact through a visual element. They are similar in layout to our Christian object lessons, but will use the Bible pictures in place of an actual object. Again - we can be creative in teaching God's Word through everyday opportunities in the things we see.

Bible Photo Lesson on Temptation

Photo Bible Lesson - Giving

Lesson using Joe Castillo's "Face of Christ"

More Bible Picture Lessons coming soon...

Bible Pictures to use in lessons:

Heartlight offers beautiful Bible images in the form of powerpoint backgrounds for sermons or Bible lessons, Scripture wallpaper and ecards. All are free! They also offer free inspiring Scripture pictures - photos with a Scripture overlay.

If you're needing Bible pictures of locations in Israel, Egypt, or Rome, is the place to look. They also offer inspiring photos of scenery, animals and Christian symbols.

A large selection of free Bible coloring sheets is availble at Bible coloring pages with the Ten Commandments or John 3:16, as well as, Bible characters and Bible stories to color are available for immediate download.

Christian Videos

Checkout this inspiring drama presentation done with white gloves & black lights. It's done to Casting Crowns' "Who Am I," and is truly amazing!!!
Instead of an ordinary Bible image, this Christian video could be used in a Bible study lesson on God's light shining in the darkness or us as Christians letting God's light shine through us.
Matthew 5:16 says: "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
God truly desires to use each of us in unique ways for His kingdom. Just as the song says: it's not about who I am, but about who God is. Who am I? I am God's child because of who He is and what He's done.
How about you? Has His love changed you?

Turn your laptop computer screen into a puppet stage for your Bible students! Take a look at the following Christian puppet skits that teach wonderful lessons about God's Word!

A lesson on Proverbs 21:23 - "Our Words"

Here's a Christian puppet skit on how we need to be careful of the words we say and how we can't just erase them once they've been spoken.

Begin your Bible lesson on the Ten Commandments with the following Christian puppet skit to help children understand why God gives us rules. John 14:15; Romans 7:12; Romans 13:10

More Christian video clips....

Bible pictures not only add an extra creative aspect to any lesson, but they also help a lesson to be remembered longer by stimulating our sense of vision.

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