Mystery Dinner Menu

Follow the instructions with this Scripture Mystery Dinner Menu for a fun time with your family, church or youth group!

We’ve probably all been a part of a mystery dinner at some point in our lives.  I can remember doing this in our youth group as a fundraiser.  We invited families from church to come and they never knew quite what they were ordering.  It made for some fun surprises and memories! 

A Scripture Mystery Dinner would also be a great way for your youth or children to show appreciation for their parents or youth/children workers and have a great time doing it!  These are also fun to do as a family for holidays or anytime!

The “Gist” of it:

Each guest gets a mystery dinner menu with only scripture references and they order by scripture.  Only the cooks and servers have the inside know!  It can be done in courses or just as a single serving.  Both ways make for an interesting meal! 

Depending on what type of group you have and how much of a “Mystery” dinner you would like it to be -you can arrange the menu with NO clues or give them clues by placing the Scripture references under a labeled heading such as “Meat Choice”, “Dessert Choice”, “Drink Choice”, etc.!  It can even be done with a fill-in-the-blank Scripture Menu guide to help out!

You could also have Bibles available and give each group or person a certain amount of time to try to look up menu items for Bible drill practice!  How many mystery items could they figure out before ordering...maybe with a one- three minute time allowance?!

Printable Mystery Dinner Menu

Printable Menu Key with Scriptures

Mystery Dinner menu items

Utensil choices

  1. Knife - Genesis 22:6
  2. Bowl - Numbers 7:14
  3. Fork - 1 Chronicles 28:17
  4. Cup - 2 Samuel 12:3
  5. Spoon (ladle) - 1 Kings 7:50
  6. Plate - Exodus 25:29
  7. Napkin (linen cloth) - John 20:5

Meat options

  1. Beef (cattle) - Psalm 50:10
  2. Fish - Matthew 13:47
  3. Chicken (hen) - Matthew 23:37

drink options

  1. Water - John 4:14
  2. Grape Juice  or Kool-Aid (for wine) - Amos 9:14
  3. Milk - Hebrews 5:13
  4. Juice - Numbers 6:3


  1. Squash (gourd) - 2 Kings 4:39
  2. Corn - Genesis 41:5
  3. Carrots (root) - Proverbs 12:12
  4. Beans - 2 Samuel 17:28

Bread/starch options

  1. Bread - John 6:35
  2. Crackers (manna) - Numbers 11:9
  3. Rice (grain) - Acts 7:12

Dessert options

  1. Cookies (wafers) - Leviticus 7:12
  2. Fruit - Deuteronomy 26:2
  3. Cake - 1 Kings 14:3

Don't feel like you have to include all 24 items!  You could keep it really simple with one meat choice, one bread, a couple of vegetables, etc. and have fewer choices for each course!