Every Day is a Holiday!

In reality...every day is a holiday! Don't we all love the holidays?!  There is just something special...almost a sense of magic in the air!

As I was perusing Pinterest today, all the “Holiday” boards & pins jumped out at me.  The word “Holiday” caught my attention.

My first thought was…”I wonder if at one time that meant Holy Day?”  Well, I was right!  When I looked up its origin, I found:

[The word holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg (hālig "holy" + dæg "day").]

Now we usually think of a holiday as a day of celebration or a day set aside for a special purpose or reason…and well it should be!  Every day is a holiday, because every day is a holy day…a day created by the Almighty…a day like no other…a day which should be celebrated!

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Psalm 118:24

It seems that as soon as November 1 appears on our calendar,  the word “holiday” begins appearing everywhere!  We see it commercials and advertisements, we hear the wishes begin at the checkout counters - "Happy Holidays!" 

During this season though, let the word "holiday" remind us that everyday is a holiday…a holy day… a day to celebrate & rejoice in Jesus!

Bible Object Lesson:

Object lessons can come from anything...even a word!  Use the word "holiday" to teach children, youth or adults a memorable Bible lesson that hopefully will stick in their memory even longer than the holiday season!

Key point:  Every day is special & should be appreciated and celebrated because God made it!

Key Bible Verse:  Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Object Lesson:  Mix up the letters (dyhlaoi) and have students unscramble the word “holiday”.  Once unscrambled, have them tell what they think the word means; give their own definitions. 

Discuss the origin of the word and how every day should be a Holy day or “Holiday”.  Share Psalm 118:24 and have students think of  all the things God created including our days. 

Finally have students draw a picture of their favorite holiday and write Psalm 118:24 on it.  Challenge them to remember this lesson every time they see or hear the word “holiday” during this holiday season and also memorize the Bible verse!

Happy Holidays!

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