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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #22 - New Object Lessons!
September 11, 2018

New Object Lessons!

We've got a few new free Christian object lessons for you! These can be used for any ages and great for Sunday School, Family Time, Children's Sermons, and more!

1.) Help kids, teens or even adults realize their value when they stop comparing by using a handful of pennies.

2.) Or a handful of colorful candy such as m&ms or skittles help us see that although we may be diverse and different on the outside, we all have a need for God's love on the inside - A Sweet Object Lesson with Candy.

3.) Brushing our teeth becomes a great reminder about the words that should and should not come out of our mouths!

4.) And finally a cell phone teaches us key lessons about prayer, and includes fun extra Bible activities too! - Cell Phone Object Lesson on Prayer

You can always check out our blog for new Bible lessons, inspirational stories & devotions, exciting free resources and creative ideas!

We pray you, your family, and your church family are blessed by these!

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan <><

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