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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #45 - Free Easter Resources
March 01, 2024

Just for you...

Hi! I just wanted to drop in and offer you these free Easter resources with no strings attached!

Whether you teach kids and youth or want to impact important children in your own life, take a look at these fun and original ideas to share Jesus with others this Easter!

An Interactive Easter Story

I was asked to share the story of Easter with a large group of children for our church's Easter Egg hunt.

I didn't want to read it from a book, but wanted them to be able to participate and use actual Bible verses. I also wanted to make sure the story was accurate from Scripture and contained the message of the Gospel for the kids as well as adults visiting our church.

Getting kids to interact with the story of Easter will keep them attentive as they are listening for the next action and will also help them retain the various parts of the story in their memory by interacting with it. Interactive Story of Easter

Scavenger Hunt for Easter

An Easter scavenger hunt is a great activity to celebrate Jesus' resurrection! After all, the women went to the tomb seeking Jesus and found He was alive! God desires for us to seek after Him - to search and find Him. He promises to be found when we seek! Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter Trivia Game

An Easter quiz game is a fun activity to be used to remind us of so many facts about Easter and its true importance in our lives! Use this for a fun family Easter activity discussion or Sunday School review quiz. This can become a yearly challenge to learn more of what the Bible says for kids, youth and adults.

Free printable is also available. Easter Trivia Quiz

More Easter resources -

* Easter Object Lessons * Interactive Countdown to Easter Bible Study * Recipe for Resurrection Rolls * How to make your own Gospel Egg or Easter Story Eggs * And so much more!

Find them all here: Easter Lessons & More

If you haven't had the chance to visit us in a while, check out what's new on our Creative Bible Study Blog; the latest is an encouraging devotion called - "Where did the water go?"

We hope you enjoy these and other resources we provide as we work together all for the glory of God!

Thank you so much for subscribing to our newsletter. We pray you experience an amazing Easter season with your family and church; let's share Jesus!

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan <><

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