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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #41 - New Christmas Lessons
December 02, 2022

New Christmas Lessons!

Looking for some fresh, new ideas for Christmas Bible lessons for Advent this year?

We have a new (and free) Christmas series available now called "Packing Up Our Sense of Christmas!"

This Christmas Bible study for kids series consists of five interactive lessons using our five senses. Each is designed with activities for all ages to help us experience the Christmas Story anew.

These five Christmas Bible study lessons may also be used to follow the themes of Advent:

1 - "Announcement of Hope" - Prophecy Candle representing Hope

2 - "Light of the World" - Bethlehem Candle representing Love & Faith

3 - "Stinky Shepherds" - Shepherd Candle representing Joy

4 - "Up Close & Personal" - Angel Candle representing Peace

5 - "The Inside Gift" - Christ's Candle (optional) representing Purity

Another free Christmas Bible study series we offer takes a look at the wonder of Christmas through the eyes of those who were there that first Christmas.

1 - In the Wait (Zechariah & Elizabeth)

2 - Moments of Wonder (Nativity with Mary & Joseph)

3 - All Matter to God (The Shepherds)

4 - Too Full & Too Busy (Inn Keeper)

5 - Seek & Worship (Wisemen)

6 - Hope in God's Faithfulness (Simeon & Anna)

This series is called - The Wonder of Christmas.

These all include additional activities for kids, youth & adults and perfect for family Christmas worship time or other groups of varying ages.

And don't forget about our Christmas object lessons which are short, easy and great for Children's sermons, sharing Christ or as lessons on their own!

We wish you, your family & your church a very special and Christ-centered Christmas!

Christmas blessings,

Susan @ Creative Bible Study

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