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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #40 - A Personal Connection
February 24, 2022

A note from Susan -

First of all I want to say "THANK YOU!" for visiting Creative Bible Study and subscribing to our newsletter!

Sometimes it's good to stop and evaluate what we're doing and where we're heading; so I am asking for your help and input. I'm wanting to get to know you!

We are in partnership together as God's Word goes forth, and I want to be able to serve you to the best of my ability.

Together we plant and water, but it is ultimately God Who gives the growth. Here at Creative Bible Study, we want to plant and water and allow God to bring the growth in our life and in yours and in the lives of others. May others see Jesus in us!

A Few Quick Questions

1 - What do you most enjoy or use at - object lessons, full Bible lessons, devotions, etc.?

2 - Are there any lessons or resources you have used in particular and can give feedback?

3 - What would you like to see us add?

4 - In what capacity do you use our site; are you a Bible teacher, ministry leader, parent, or use it for personal Bible learning?

5 - What age range of our lessons do you use - preschool, children, youth, adults or a variety of ages?

6 - What would make it easier for you to navigate and use our site?

I would be so grateful if you could take a few minutes and email me back with your answers to these and anything else you'd like to share. I am always open to suggestions and ideas to help us better serve you - our readers!

You can just reply to this email or click the email address below.

Susan @ CreativeBibleStudy

If you haven't had the chance to visit us in a while, check out what's new on our Creative Bible Study Blog!

Thank you so much for your input! May each of you be blessed in your ministry right where God has you - YOU MATTER! :)

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan <><

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