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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #18 - August 2017
August 09, 2017

Identity in Christ

Becoming Who God Created Me to Be

We can avoid identity crises by finding our identity in Christ.

This is one of my favorite pics from our Vacation Bible School this year! We had water games and all our 5th & 6th graders stuck their name tags on Carrie and dubbed her “The Name Tag Nanny!”

She appeared to be having an identity crisis! That got me to thinking…

How often do we have identity crises? When life changes, as it often does, it may cause us to feel like our identity changes with it. When our job changes, we may go from identifying ourselves as “employed” or a job title such as a “librarian” or “nurse” to “unemployed” or “retired.” No longer does that skill or title define us. When our family changes, we may go from “mom or dad of (insert child’s name)” to “empty-Nester” or “unknown.” Other family changes may be due to a change in marital status or a broken relationship. Our health may change causing us to go from “able” to “dependent.” Life brings so many changes – both natural and those caused by circumstances. Many of these changes can bring feelings of fear and uncertainty.

But the Good News is that when we become a believer in Christ, our identity is made certain because God doesn’t change. (Hebrews 13:8) No longer is our identity based on what we do or who we are, but on Whose we are. We are now forgiven, accepted, redeemed, declared righteous, and so much more based on Who Jesus is. Now we find our identity in Christ!

Continued: Identity in Christ

Incredible Me! - 4 Identity Bible Lessons for Kids

One of the greatest difficulties for kids (as well as adults) in this world we live in is our identity. The world wants to mold and conform us. When we don't feel like we fit the "norm", we feel left out, invaluable, unloved and down right "weird"! Well....they say fifty is the new thirty…so we are going to say that “weird” is the new cool! Not weird as in "look at me and how strange I can be", but as in of a kind...Incredible Me!

We all would love to see ourselves as a "super hero"! Well, the real Super Man was "just" Clark Kent; the real Spider Man was "just" Peter Parker, etc. - ordinary people with supernatural gifts/abilities. God uses ordinary, unexpected people to do extraordinary spectacular feats!

Incredible Me Lessons

Object Lesson: Being Different

We may not all be pencils; we are not all alike. Some may be more like markers making bright bold marks, or highlighters that spotlight the work and marks of others. No matter what our gifts though, Jesus wants to use us in unique and special ways for His Kingdom!

Object Lesson - All Important in God's Kingdom

New Children's Lessons:

Kids learn to find their identity in Christ as they study God's Word. We have four free Bible study lessons from ShareFAith including videos, powerpoints, complete lesson plans & more: Lessons from ShareFaith
We pray you, your family, and your church family have an amazing back-to-school experience filled with God's Word and His presence!

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan <><

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