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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #39 - Free "Doable" Bible Reading Plan
January 14, 2022

Making Connections

5x5 One Year Bible Reading Plan (More or Less)

It's not too late!

I had never read the Bible all the way through until about ten years ago when an 80 year old lady shared she had just finished for the first time. I thought, "There's still time!" And I am so glad I did!

You may or may not have ever read the Bible all the way through, but I am here to encourage you - it’s worth it! When we read a story by skipping around, it can become confusing. The Bible is God’s story and how He desires for us to know Him.

But the Bible is even more than a story; it’s an experience – a life changing experience! Hebrews 4:12 tells us that God’s Word is living and active; it’s unlike any other book you’ve ever read. Therefore, I created this “doable” Bible reading plan that will take you from the beginning and help you make the connections of how it all joins together into one beautiful love story.

This plan is arranged chronologically and in a way to help us make the connections between separate books both in the Old and New Testaments.

Your free printable copy may be found here -

MAKING CONNECTIONS free printable plan

Flexibility: Start whenever you’re ready with a flexible start date any time of the year. Move at your own pace; although the readings are possible to be finished in a year, take as long as you need. Adapt this plan to you. No matter how you use it, this Bible reading plan will take you on a journey to better understand God’s story as a whole.

Wiggle Room: Each week contains five days of reading – your choice of which days. Reading at least five days a week will help you form a habit; it will keep you consistent. This leaves you two extras just in case your schedule becomes super busy or you just want to have a couple of days for your choice of reading or time to study a little deeper. This plan can actually be finished in 50 weeks with fewer readings toward the end as we get into the Book of Revelation.

Balance: Each week contains readings from Psalms for praise, Proverbs of wisdom, lots of Old Testament reading (there are 929 verses in the OT!) and a New Testament reading. This gives both a variety and continuity. Many events in the Old Testament portray God in His sovereignty and justice. Balancing this with His revealed love we see through Jesus gives us a full picture of His character balanced with justice and love, righteousness and compassion, truth and grace.

Warning: Be careful of chasing rabbit trails! There will be times you will be tempted to follow themes or go deeper into a topic. Other times there will be things that may shock us or we don’t understand; just keep reading! It’s easy to become distracted, confused or stuck and therefore stop. Keep going! Use your extra two days for time to dig deeper or to veer off the set readings.

Keep going: Use the printable to mark off chapters as you read. If you do get off track, lose the path, or just need a break, it’s easy to jump back in where you left off. The journey doesn’t have to fit into a determined time period. The goal is to see the journey through to the end – to read the whole story all the way through.

Each day begin with prayer asking God’s Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts and open your eyes and understanding. God speaks through His Word; there is always more He can teach us even from the most familiar of Bible verses like John 3:16. Take time to listen and talk with Him. Ask God questions, share your heart with Him, enjoy His presence. He desires to be known. 

Plan Options:

Spread your readings throughout your day. Begin your day with the Psalm or Proverb during a quiet time with the Lord. Have a longer bit of time set later to read through the Old Testament readings for the day and then finish off before bed with the New Testament reading.

“Reading” through the Bible can also include “listening.” Use the YouVersion Bible App or other venue to listen to portions if that is easier or you have a commute each day!

Slow Plan: Use each “day” of readings for a week reading one chapter a day. This will still give you the variety and consistency of journeying through the Bible making connections but at a slower pace. Our goal isn’t to have to finish in a year, but to make it to the destination of reading all the way through.

Notes & Activities – Check back on our website often to see updated notes and activities which will help you make connections within the Bible as one whole story and also make connections to your life! Bible reading should never be dull!

The link to all new notes and activities will be found @ Making Connections Bible Reading Plan.

We hope this Bible reading plan will help you as you dig into God's Word this year! May each of you be blessed in your ministry right where God has you - you matter! :)

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan <><

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