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Creative Bible Tidbits, Issue #29 - Don't Leave Christmas Behind!
December 30, 2019

A New Year - Don't Leave Christmas Behind!

6 Ways to Take Christmas Into the New Year

The "Lull" before a New Year, December 26th – December 31st , usually becomes a time of reflection. It’s a small gap in which we reflect on the past year, both the successes and regrets, while also looking ahead to a new year filled with possibilities. One of the best steps we can take during this time is to NOT leave Christmas behind! During the Christmas season we tend to be kinder, more patient, generous, grateful and joyful in anticipation of the season. Let’s not leave all that behind!

1) Keep the Cards
Christmas cards we have received make a wonderful visual prayer list for the New Year! Keep them handy taking one out each day and praying for these special people in your life. Give God thanks for them. This is also a great idea for your family to do together during family worship or around the dinner table!

2) Send The Cards
Snail mail has almost become extinct…except at Christmas. Take time to write an actual handwritten note to someone different each week or month of 2020; don’t just wait until next Christmas.

Recently one of our Awana leaders was sharing about the Bible being God’s letter to each of us. He wrote letters to some of the clubbers using Scripture personalized with their name. One of our girls hugged her letter to her chest and said, “I’m going to keep this forever!”

Whether it is a child you know, a relative you rarely see, or a coworker you see every day, a handwritten note received in the mail can shout – “You matter to me!”

Read more here: 6 Ways to Take Christmas Into the New Year:

Happy New Year! Hope you enjoy!

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan <><

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